Polish station "Radio Kraków Kultura"

Please define in Roon a mentioned station with classical and jazz music. You can listen to the radio in many ways, e.g. www, dedicated applications, radio platforms e.g. myTuner and at the given URL. All methods are given at Radio Kraków Kultura.

I tried to define the station myself in “My Live Radio” but Roon does not accept these urls.

The station broadcasts with a high bitrate of 256k

Hello @clazz ,

Yes, there is a (long standing) bug concerning https and port numbers.
I have found an alternative; please check and see if OK.

Does it carry advertising?

Thanks for the answer. I don’t understand the solution you found. Could I ask you for an explanation? When it comes to advertising, the radio only publishes self-promotion.

If the audio stream uses the https protocol and has a port number, for example 9777, as in https://stream4.nadaje.com:9777/RKKultura , then Roon will refuse to accept it. This is a long standing bug. Sometimes it is possible to find an equivalent audio stream that uses the http protocol instead, in which case port numbers cause no issues. That is what I did here.

Thank you.

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