Poll: Dark theme or Light Theme?

What’s your display look like?

  • Dark Theme
  • Light Theme
  • I hacked Roon to look the way I like
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No option for both …

Depends on the device and location …


On all my remotes I usually use light but have a Wacom One pen display on my Win11 Roon server set to dark, and then there’s a RPi used as a web display with my customized layout.

Good point! I can’t edit the poll after the first 5 minutes. If changing theme did not require a restart I might switch occaisionally.

I’m glad to see that there are at least a couple of other voters who have hacked the default themes :slight_smile:

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Dark theme everywhere, all the time, including Tidal and Qobuz apps.


Another dark theme everywhere person here :+1:t4:


I almost blinded myself last time I used the light theme (which maybe should be called ice white theme) and since then only use dark theme.


Don’t have a brightness control?

Everything else in my system looked fine besides Roon.
Roon just looked like it had a bad white balance issue. But saying that I generally prefer dark mode so maybe my brain is biased.

I like that there are the two themes as I am almost always pro user choice, maybe some additional in-between theme’s would be great :astonished::face_with_peeking_eye:


Don’t hold your breath on that one :slight_smile: The only viable alternative seems to be to create your own themes, which is a pain, but not too difficult.


Black is always the better, to save your eyes. Also a dark theme saves battery.
Greetings for another roon-year.

Only on screens that don’t have a backlight, like OLED.

True story.
All my devises are OLED. Like good sound from Roon, the picture is equally important. Im a big fan of OLED, so I forgot about it​:grinning::mx_claus::christmas_tree:Thx for the reminder