Poll: Given Spotify HiFi; are you planning to switch to Spotify by next year?

Will you switch to Spotify by next year?
  • Yes, I will cancel all other services and switch to Spotify
  • Yes, but I will keep other services and subscribe to Spotify
  • No, I will not be switching to Spotify
  • I’m already subscribed to Spotify

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It depends…

What does it depend on for you?

Qobuz with Roon , otherwise it’s tough to deal with .
Spotify for mobile and quick Spotify Connect devices .

Qobuz ‘s iOS app is a mess .

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??? Why is it a mess? (i don’t see that…)

Qobuz and The Roons work for me.

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I like to use Apple car play with my iPhone to keep my eyes in the road. None of it sorted in alphabetical order or by recent addition . It’s all jumbled together . No artist listing . Only music you downloaded will show up and all of it is jumbled together . You can’t find anything.

Qobuz supposedly was supposed to get things working right but never has.

I guess if you are using while on a bus or plane it would be fine .

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Whether their apps are good enough to cancel Qobuz and Roon and only use Spotify.

Otherwise, I’d keep roon and qobuz or possibly some new service roon might integrate in the future, and wouldn’t need Spotify.

P.S. if Spotify did MQA then definitely no.

Coming from the software world I’m probably surprisingly agnostic to the apps of these services. They’re all decent in my book, and I’m not overly impressed with the big ones compared to the small players.

I used Spotify from the beta and started paying immediately when they went live for real. Switched to Tidal when it was named Wimp and have not looked back (because of lossless). Spotify is a bit too late to the party for me to care.

How do you feel about Tidal switching CD red book (lossless) to MQA (lossy)? Has it impacted your Tidal library / listening experience much?

I will be sticking to Qobuz and Roon for redbook (and above) playback and internet radio.

Some of the Spotify playlists are fantastic and fortunately my son has Spotify premium so we use that to stream to my dietpi in Granma’s old valve radio that runs roon endpoint and libraspot.

For me, the killer experience atm is listening to Radio Paradise via roon and being able to click on the song that is playing to discover more about the artist and then add their albums to my library.

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I guess I could have been clearer with what I meant with “have not looked back (because of lossless)”.

Today I prioritize Qobuz tracks whenever I add something and try to avoid MQA. Not only because of it being MQA, but also since I run Chord and Auralic both of whom lacks support for the full unfolding.

The only reason ever going Spotify would be for their app and smartness (with algorithms and models), but they lost my interest taking all this time getting into lossless. It’s been like 12-13 years since I first signed up for Spotify.

Another good poll question would be: “If Spotify was on Roon, would you switch to Spotify?” Since Spotify isn’t on Roon, it’s all moot for me.

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That’s fair - I too wish Spotify is adopted within Roon but it’s just not feasible.

From the looks of the results; one can draw the conclusion that most Roon users feel the same way (re: “since Spotify isn’t on Roon, it’s moot”).

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So just add the Spotify Connect feature. What’s the big deal about that ? So you have one music service that isn’t integrated with your library.

I actually like it. Nice and clean. Yes it does have some bugs here and there but so do all other apps. Tidal for me was a nightmare.

The only niggle I would have with the Qobuz iOS app is the lack of categories (i.e. albums, EP, compilations, etc) in artist library view but understand they will tidy this up in the coming months.

No, I use Roon so no Spotify for me.

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At the end of the day, Tidal is expensive, and has a bunch of bugs/weird behaviour that pisses me off when using it on my mobile. I was going to convert to Spotify, but I can save a bunch of money if I just go everything Apple Music. So in all likelihood unless Roon can integrate itself with Apple Music, I’ll probably drop Roon altogether.

Has anyone seen details on Spotify’s release? I am surprised they are not moving faster with all Apple’s hype. I think Spotify is doing Lossless but not HiRes is that right?

From Spotify’s press release, I gather that it will be 16/44.1 only. Moreover, they mention “ubiquitous” in relation to making it available on all their apps and working with partners to make it work on all Connect apps. I’m guessing they are working on a more comprehensive, coordinated rollout. Unlike Amazon and Apple.

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