(Poll) How many Roon zones do you have and use?

So I heard apparently zoning is not a feature used by
a lot of Roon users overall, so I thought I would try to find out if this is a true reflection of the community so how many zones do you use?

How many Roon zones do your have and use?
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  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • More than 5

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I have 6 normally active zones plus 4 more that can come in to use as and when I need them.

Have one zone at each end of the house, Kitchen and Master Bedroom, then 3 zones in the central living room. Use the RAAT LR zone with Kitchen and Master for whole house music. LR HDMI zone for multi-channel or LR USB zone for DSD/MQA.

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Three zones:

1.) Desktop
2.) Living room
3.) Sleeping room

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I have more than ten zones, but only three systems. The Roon settings picks up each player as a zone. This includes devices available by computer connection, Airplay, and Roon Ready RAAT connections.

EDIT: More than 5 get used regularly.

This is about the ones your use, not the redunandant ones you dont I would have 17 if I counted all the airplay , Chromecast, and hdmi outputs I could use.

I answered more than 5 get used. That was the question in your survey.

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I have 4 but in the main just use the LUMIN on my main hifi.
Sonos speakers usually just get used via Sonos but trying to use Roon more as a single source.

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So I have two ROCKs, one at home and one at my weekend cabin. 11 zones (including 8 Sonos zones) at home, and 3 at my cabin. To be fair, my family mostly uses Sonos / Spotify connect, but Roon is beginning to be more than just my thing.

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I’ve been a Sonos user since 2005 and it was the whole Sonos S1 S2 debacle that brought me to Roon.
Since then I sold 3 of my Sonos items and replaced them with other Roon ready gear. Still have 2 Sonos endpoints running (and two sitting idle / awaiting sale). I’m happy that the S1 S2 thing happened, even though its hit my wallet.

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Living room, office, master bedroom, two iPhones. Love the flexibility.

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Streaming music since 2006, first via Squeezeboxes and then via Roon (late 2018) so over the years I’ve added lots of zones.

Music room - my main stereo aka The Big Rig (RAAT)
also in the music room is a headphone station with two zones, one for a Sonoma Model One (RAAT) and another for an Oppo HA-1 (Squeezebox Touch)
Master bedroom - headphones and speakers (RAAT)
Living room - full home theater 5.1 setup (Squeezebox Touch)
Computer room - headphones and speakers (RAAT)
Guest bedroom (Squeezebox Duet)
Guest TV room - via TV soundbar (Squeezebox Touch)
Garage (Squeezebox Classic)
And various phones and tablets along with a Google Chromecast Audio connected to a large boombox for warm weather outdoor listening.

Streaming means that all my, Tidal’s and Qobuz’s digital music is available to each and every zone without having to move CDs around. Full analog playback is only available in the Music room, which has a Linn LP-12 turntable.