Poll of Kef LS50 Wireless owners

Quick update on the faulty original LS50 Wireless - KEF, or their distributor, has offered to repair mine for a price, not insignificant, or upgrade them to a new pair of Wireless IIs at around 50% discount. I have chosen the new speakers to enjoy the new warranty period and have received them last week. To my surprise the Wireless IIs are a huge improvement over the originals sonically, and I am saying this as somebody who was very satisfied with the sound of the originals. I now think that the reviews under appreciate the improvements. Active speakers are still a bit of a gamble in terms of longevity, but the new pair has made me quite happy!


Glad to hear of the improvements. Given the headless software glitches with the originals, I will move to something else when the time arrives. Yes, I like the sound, but the software crashes, etc., have made me supremely wary of another round with KEF.

Mine too. Occasionally have to switch off and on again but all good after nearly two years.

I had the same problem with my LS50W’s. They were out of warranty and I didn’t have much hope until I emailed KEF directly. Super great techie on the other end, who knew all about the problem. Sent them back to KEF. Returned to me in 26 days and now they work perfect. Just don’t forget (like I did) that there’s a balance knob on back of the satellite monitor. :smile:

Similar situation here. Left speaker would cut out and three lights on the panel would be blinking. Restarting would revive it for a limited amount of time.

It actually started a long time ago, but infrequently. Then got worse and worse until it would happen pretty quickly, every hour to every 5 minutes.

I finally reached out for support, and it’s is being repaired now under warranty. The tech also seemed quite familiar with what I described, and was confident repairing it would resolve the issue. I think he referred to “the amp” needing to be replaced. They were very responsive, once I reached out.

I guess I have a good idea on how long it will take now, heh. Unit is 3.5+ years old.

My LS50Ws hve never worked properly. I gave up and they are now just paper weights in my house. If I could upgrade for 50% I would. Could someone kindly point me to the right contact at KEF?

Well just short of 4 years in, my left speaker has started turning itself off occasionally while playing…

My pair are normally connected over optical to a RPi + HifiBerry Digi running roPieee for RAAT connectivity. The native network stack was never very reliable w/ Roon in my experience.

Anyone know how much KEF charges to repairs these?


I just got mine back a short while ago after it had been out for repair by KEF for over two months. That was painful. They kept saying stuff to the effect of “Yea yea it’s almost ready”, but it kept not being true.

My speakers are also around 4 years old. It was the left speaker cutting out all the time as well.

I assume the original warranty was way shorter than 4 years, so in that sense, I guess I’m not complaining? They just asked for my invoice, as you would expect, and took it in for repair as a matter of course. I’m in the U.S.

Also, for what it’s worth, I did ask them if I could do a trade-in for the LS50W II but was told they didn’t do that…

I’m in the US as well. So they repaired them for no cost? The warranty on the electronics in those speakers is 2 years I believe so I can only assume they know they have a design problem. At more than $2K they should last a decade…

I’ll reach out to KEF and see what happens.

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My left speaker started acting up recently as well. After like half an hour of listening my right speaker screen would start blinking and the left speaker would just stop playing any sound. Powering them off and on again solves the issue for a few minutes at best. They are now unusable.

Minse are Nocturne edition 2018 if I’m not mistaken.

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Mine’s a Nocturne Edition as well, from early 2018.

I have black LS50W that I bought from a local hifi store in 2017, in New Zealand. In late 2021 the left speaker developed a crackling distortion sound that shows up after about 15 minutes of music playback. It does go away after speakers turn off and cool down but returns again after about 15 minutes of power on.

Anyway I contacted the store I bought them from and they pointed me to the local NZ distributor who should be able to repair it. The distributor said its a $60 fee just to inspect the speakers for a problem. Anyway I dropped the LS50Ws off at the distributors warehouse and a few weeks later they had it fixed by replacing circuit boards, and did not charge me anything, not even the $60 inspection fee.

This is really excellent service given its nearly 5 years since I bought it. Despite the crackling issue, I would highly recommend KEF and its official distributors, for such excellent level of service (even in my country on the other side of the planet!). It is increasingly rare in todays throw-away consumer electronics culture.

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Hi all :slight_smile: I’m struggleing with my ls50w for years :sob: Very long story short, they have been in two services for many months and nothing was done, so i contacted KEF and they pushed things up with the service speakers were in at the current time but the price for repair is 1400 euros :hot_face: wich is just crazy expensive…
So i took them back unrepaired at they sat home collecting dust until i stumbled up on one store in France thats sells al the parts new for very reasonable prices (main board is around 260euros and slave around 220) so i ordered them! They arrived and i was very happy that i will finaly fix them! but it seems that the bad news continue. I installed the new board, conected everything properly and still nothing :sob:

Could you share the link or contact of that store that sells parts for reasonable prices.
I also have a pair of LS50W waiting fore repair with a slave speaker dying.
Any help aprechiated.

I bought the KEF LS50 Wireless speakers in 2017. The left speaker stopped working this week.
I am debating on getting them repaired, selling, or trying to convert them to a passive speaker.

My left speaker went out 2+ months ago.
Still under warranty, but Kef in New Jersey has had them for 2 months and still not repaired.

I have a backup, but TOO long

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This week my left speaker stops playing. First, there is some clicking noise in the left speaker, then it stops playing. Three lights are blinking, AUX, OPT and Bluetooth. Unplugging the powerchords for a few hours make them play again, but then it starts all over again. So far, I changed the powerchords, change the CAT cable from speaker to speaker and change the CAT cable to the router, but no succes so far. These are late 2018 models. When they play, I can’t here anything strange, so it can’t be the amplifiers or DAC? any thougths or idea’s? Thanks (sorry for my English, as it is not my native language)

Have you updated to whatever the latest firmware is? check KEFs website for the process of updating.

Might also try resetting the speakers? reset instructions are also on the KEF site or in the manual.

It could be the amp or DAC once it heats up?

Mine had the clicking and crackling and needed to be sent in for repair. The boards were replaced. They were just out of warranty, but hey covered them anyway. So if the above does not work I would contact your dealer or KEF

Not too good experience with Kef LS50W here.
Bought the pair in summer 2018. The same winter, they started having problems, left one switching off every 5 minutes after listening for 20 minutes.
Service had no idea what the issue is, replaced the motherboard. As it was warranty, this repair was free.
Fast forward to summer 2021 (warranty over), right speaker started having issues when trying to switch it on (blinking power button, which according to the user manual means system error).
By that time there was no official distributor in Lithuania, so I had to send the speakers for repair to Latvia, where they diagnosed it as motherboard issue.
Getting new motherboard from China took insane amount of time, and they are sending the speakers to me only now in spring 2022(!). They say the motherboard alone was 750$ without shipping/tax, bringing a total after tax bill to 1100$!
Should have just bought new speakers…


That is insane. I have no idea why it’s so costly, if you order the mainboard from setelec (A shop that has all sorts of speaker repair stuff) you pay around 230€. I can’t think of any way how that makes sense, how can the manufacturer quote 750$ for the motherboard when a 3rd party can quote less than 1/3.

I also inquired about getting the whole membrane (Not sure if that’s the correct word for it in english) replaced. They quoted me 182,70€ per Unit, as well as 40€ per Unit for the technician. Purchased and swapped them both myself for 230€ including shipping.

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