Poll of Kef LS50 Wireless owners

I had, it costed around 500USD in Mexico.

I don’t use the KEF remote for nothing at all. I do all transport controls from Roon apps in iOS, and it works great.

I understand.

I find the routine of ‘pick-up phone/unlock/navigate to Roon remote/maybe restart the remote which has lost Roon connection/or best case just wait a couple seconds until remote comes back to life/then tap tiny speaker button on lower left/tap tiny + or - or grab tiny slider/ volume adjusted not so convenient.

Almost same routine required if you need to stop music… yesterday I missed a couple of calls because by the time I was able to stop the music the caller had quit…

So I am trying to work out a way to improve on that…

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New firmware came out in November 2019 for those who missed it… https://uk.kef.com/pages/product-support

Offers remote power on via app or Spotify for the latest revision of the speaker - that makes for at least three speaker revisions so far :roll_eyes: :

  1. Original
  2. Supports selectable inputs by KEF Control app
  3. Supports power on by KEF Control app and Spotify


Me too. Seems to work fine. Occasional loss of connection soon to be rectified with direct connection to my network via ethernet cable!!

I haven’t read this thread in a long time. I bought the Kef’s right when they came out and had many issues that required sending them back to Kef through their abysmal support. I finally sold them because of all the issues and I was scared to have them out of warranty which is a miserly 1 year in the U.S. it sounds like things have not gotten better. They badly need a new version and this time include Airplay 2. My experience makes me never want to buy anything from Kef ever especially because their support is so bad.

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yes i do have a pair.

@Chikolad if you are still around in this thread by any chance - do you recall the steps (which screws &c) you used to disassemble your speakers?

I wanted to take a look at the boards of my almost-3-yr-old pair (it’s been working awesome thus far and still sound amazingly good), as they developed a tendency to stop working (all icons start blinking) after a few hours on some days (intermittent). I thought in the beginning that it was static buildup as it would only happen in very dry conditions (heating with no humidifier) but now it’s happening more often.

Hi @Ari_R,
I didn’t dare to disassemble my speakers on my own. I took them to a repair guy who opened them up. I have no idea which gear he used, sorry :grimacing:

my guess is the power supply caps are dying - SMPS power supplies are sometimes prone to this as are LMPS that are on 24/7 especially for the standby electronics

oddly enough this just arrived in my inbox…


see this image for the offending cap

thanks @wizardofoz. I disassembled the right speaker today, it’s really a quality build, kudos to KEF for this product.

I didn’t find any bulging capacitor nor signs of sparking components, nothing looked out of ordinary. I dusted the board and gently reseated all connectors I could.

Reassembled the thing and am now testing it. Prior to today, the speakers would go into panic mode with the display at the top blinking after running for 30 minutes to 2 hours (with a loud bang if they were playing music, or silently otherwise), so they got to a point were they were barely usable. Couple of hours of listening so far.

If the issue happens again I will take a look at the left speaker.

@Ari_R Be careful of those power caps…normally with the 200V or similar high ratings as they can bite even after the power is removed for a while…

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I’ve had my LS50Ws set up and running for just under an hour. they are exactly what I was hoping for from a £1500 set of stand mounts bought factory reconditioned. SQ is excellent and very much to my taste, though I might add a sub. I don’t care about source visibility cos I only have one source - flac files streamed on a home network from my Nucleus + in a different part of the house. I do have one issue: an inability to play 24/192 files. I just get a scraping, intermittent scratchy sound. All other resolutions play fine. Anyone got any ideas what this is all about?

Congrats on the new speakers. I just got some about a month ago and they’re perfect in my desktop application. I have the same issue with 192 files; there’s a few threads discussing this and it seems to be occurring with a few users here including myself. It’s been shown that it’s not a Roon problem as it has occurred with other platforms such as Plex. In my case I changed the maximum sample rate to 96 kHz in the device setup options. Others here have exchanged their speakers and found the new ones worked so it seems to be a random issue with some devices.

Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser. I’ll keep testing different settings and see if can isolate a reliable cause. I don’t have many 192 files - maybe 5% or less of a fairly large library - and maybe I can find a way of downsampling if I need to. Given the speakers were factory reconditioned, I’m not sure I can return them for a new set.

Kef is very very good at taking care of their customers.That has been my impression.

I’ve not been able to playback 192/24 on LS50W; it stutters. Roon support had me dial down max to 96 which works but, for good measure I would like to have non-converted at resolutions above 96.

My LS50W and Roon core (R.O.C.K) are all wired.

Here are my settings; anything else to try?

Although I was already a member of this forum & own a pair of LS50 Wireless, I never would have found & posted in this thread if I had not googled the error I got yesterday with mine, the first issue in 21 months, I certainly hadn’t been here posting how happy I was with them, nor had I googled “I love my KEF LS50 Wireless & have had no problems with them” :smiley:

I have issue A7 from their online FAQs: “If you see the AUX, Optical and Bluetooth LED blink together, it means there is a system error on Left speaker.
Contact your local dealer or service center for support”

Damn :expressionless:

Yeah I’ve tried all the steps to bring them back to life numerous times, no luck, occasionally I get sound out of the right speaker only, that’s as good as it gets.

Mine are connected by USB to my always on PC, along with an SVS PC4000 sub (great combo), though it seems perhaps I should have been turning the speakers off at bedtime, maybe I would not have this error “yet” if I had done so.

Manufacture date September 2017, I didn’t get them until late July 2018 :expressionless:

Fantastic SQ, amazing even once you add a good sub, easy set up, compact, look great, I love them, they suit me & my set up perfectly, well, until yesterday, lol.

Thanx to the covid-19 situation, even normal deliveries seem to be taking a week longer than usual, so I figure 4-8 weeks until I get them back, damn, I’m going to buy another set to get me by until then, I have withdrawals already :crazy_face: I can always use the spare set out the back after :sunglasses: maybe better sound for my work outs will help me do them more often :rofl:

hello, late to the KEF LS50 wireless party. but in the spirit of the OP, yes I had some issues with the wifi setup initially. someone at KEF talked me through the firmware upgrade and app connection procedure, and a few minutes later all was well. using ROON is obviously better than using the apps, but that’s not what the OP asked… my issue was that the speakers, new out of the box, would play via USB (not a great sonic experience), via Bluetooth (slightly better audio), and even wired (ethernet into a router), but not via wifi. after some fiddling the wifi is updated and the speakers are now “seen” by the network - all sorted. however, I did learn from the KEF rep that people using mesh routers are sometimes going to have recurring connection issues with these speakers…

I have the same problem, I’m not able to play 192/24 directly to the LS50W other ethernet. It will play 192/24 when using a USB connected endpoint. For example, an Allo USBridge or a laptop connected to the LS50W will play 192. Given this limitation and not being able to use the LS50W in a group, I’m considering adding a different Roon endpoint USB-connected to the LS50W.