Poll of Kef LS50 Wireless owners

I found “official” instructions under the Product page’s FAQ, section A10 and will try these tonight.

I have owned the LS50 Wireless speakers since Jan and have not experienced any problems whatsoever, including firmware updates (using a macbook). Yes, their app is below standard, but I don’t use it. Until recently, fed Roon through a mR-LPS-1 combo and controlled via Roon app on iPad. Now have added an ethernet connection and can’t seem to detect any SQ differences.

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I’m seeing the same complaints on other forums and at least one Amazon review.
Plus the number of posters on this forum isn’t that large yet many of us have had issues.
Even worse some people have gone though two sets already.
I would think Kef knows what it is and has hopefully corrected it in manufacturing of new units.

Yeah I hear you it was a glass half full moment! Interesting to see what Rik’s survey highlights.
I’ve looked though not for a few weeks and wasn’t finding any effective forums at the level of this one. Where are you looking CA?

Hi all,
I had to return my first pair within a couple of weeks. They lost the ability to connect via the initial set-up. I haven’t had any issues since (4months).
In other news KEF really need to get better at communicating with their stakeholders. Having to dig around in a products FAQ section to find its features leaves a lot to be desired. Issues aside, I am really enjoying the speakers.

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I had my LS50W for a few months now and never had a problem. Updates were smooth.

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Went through 2 sets. Couldn’t connect via initial set-up, bricked when updating firmware. This was about 3 months back. Both times, my local KEF dealer in Singapore very attentive and replaced immediately.

The third set, came around a month back with the last but one (and problematic, I think) firmware update pre-loaded, and no problems whatsoever. I have subsequently updated the latest firmware as well. Plays via microRendu on PC mode, direct using (Roon Ready) on wifi/wired, and TV via Optical and Schiit Modi2 via Aux. Don’t care for the KEF app or Bluetooth.

Sublime sound, well worth the many hiccups along the journey.
If it helps, all of the above KEF LS50s were white and copper.

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Got my LS50w a couple of months ago, no critical issues so far.

From time to time I’ve experienced that source/bluetooth blinking issue. Restart the unit, done.

Another minor issue: After powering up the unit only the master speaker would play music, the slave unit remained silent. Restart the unis, done. This only occured once.

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@bearFNF @osss I have had the same soft fault with the bluetooth/source lights flashing of my replacement pair (indicating a system failure of the left speaker). I also sorted this by powering down/unplugging and then powering back up. Has happened to me twice now.

Can I ask how long ago this happened to you guys? Are we talking in the last couple of weeks or months ago?

Mine last did this a week or so ago.

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Crap! I thought this was an anomaly. It happened to me once about two weeks ago (flashing lights). Just once and never again.

Was this before or after the latest KEF firmware John?

Before. Definitely before.

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I think it occured 3 times in total or so. The last appearance was after the latest update, I gues… Not sure, though.

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I’ve owned a pair of LS50W for three months. I have them linked directly to my PC via USB (I have not attempted to use Roon wirelessly). They are tied to a subwoofer, and the crossover frequency tweaked a bit using the KEF LS50W iOS app. I updated the firmware once a couple of weeks ago as well.

I too have had the bluetooth/source lights flashing thing occur three times, I believe. But in each instance, a simple off/on reset fixes the problem right away. It hasn’t been enough of a bother to inconvenience me. Unfortunately, I can’t remember if this happened before or after the firmware update.

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@bearFNF @Manuel_Cruz @osss @John_Aiello

We have all had the flashing light thing happen. Im wondering if this may be to do with a speaker disconnect issue Ive heard about related to ethernet cable length that connects the speaker. Im using a 5m ethernet cable to connect the speakers together. The stock cable is 3m.

I had a pair, went through the last Mac updater, and bricked them. KEF support was great, but they were unable to resurrect them. I returned them to my dealer and got a refund. I’m now the happy owner of a pair of Dynaudio Special 40s. still looking for an amp.

I ultimately decided that I could not depend on their Mac software dev team. in a product that is so heavily dependent on software, this was a deal breaker for me.

I really wanted to like them.

how donthey compare sound wise?

much better I my opinion. smoother, more natural. but they’re $3k at retail, and you still need an amp/streamer.

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Off Topic.

I’ve had the Dynaudio Focus XD 200 (7k list price) for almost 2 years with updated 1.4 rendu and berkely alpha usb to coax.

Still continues to blow me away.

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