PolyMojo2 volume mismatch SDCard vs Roon Stream

When I compare the same music files, alternating between the files on Poly’s internal SD card (using a GoFigure playlist) and streaming the file via Roon to the poly, the volume is very different. It’s around 8 Mojo clicks louder via Roon. First thing I checked was Roon DSP - all DSP is off. Settings set to fixed volume. Signal path is lossless.
I did a comparison like this before the latest Roon update to 2.0 and the volume matched as expected. Any ideas why this can happen? Is there a setting I’ve missed? Or is it a Roon 2.0 thing?

All FLAC or other formats in the test too? Is the difference with all formats and the same?

Was just going to try and reproduce this before realizing all my Poly SD content has had a headphone DSP filter pre-applied so no longer the same file. I’m interested enough to set up a fair test this weekend. Out of interest how are you measuring the volume levels?

Only tested with ALAC files. It’s the same exact copy of files from my personal Roon library that are on the SDCard. Thought it may be a sneaky stream from Tidal, rather than my personal source file.

I did test SDCard vs Stream test when I first got the MojoPoly. Thought I could hear a slight difference, preferring the SD Card… but it was definitely a mind game! Now with Roon 2.0 the volume is way different. A good deal louder via Roon - just using my ears - t’s around 7-8 mojo ball clicks difference. Something is up. Just can’t figure it out.

7-8 clicks seem like a lot to me. Maybe Poly treats the SD-card and Roon RAAT as different inputs with their own respective volume preset? I never used my SD-card slot so can’t tell. Maybe better asked to Roon and Chord support (maybe inside technology related we users don’t have insight too)?

I’ve tried restarting and checking all the Roon settings again. No DSP. Fixed volume is set. Lossless signal path. But still getting the volume mismatch between SDCard play and Roon stream to the Poly. It definitely didn’t do this last time I tried the comparison when I was running Roon 1.8. I’m at a dead end thinking its a Roon 2.0 thing.

Maybe someone else with a PolyMojo2 can see if they get a similar change in volume. Then I’ll know if its just my setup.

I’ve spoken to @noris in support before. Maybe he can shed some light?


Hi @Skozza,

If the volume is louder via Roon Ready and is not clipping, I would assume that you are getting bit-perfect streaming via Roon Ready and that there’s some sort of DSP volume being applied on the Poly during SD card playback.


Hi @John ,

Thanks for responding and investigating. Your are right - nothing to do with Roon 2.0.
Turns out the issue was with me and the Chord GoFigure app. I spent 3 days pulling my hair out trying to work out why and finally solved it last night. I had bit perfect set on within the Chord GoFigure app. This disables the volume control on the phone, but it had remembered a volume preset, rather than send audio at 100% volume which I presumed it would do. After turning off bit perfect I adjusted the volume back to 100% (from around 90%) then turned the bit perfect selection back on to remove the volume control from the phone.

Now volume is the same no matter which source is selected.

Thanks again!


Good to hear you found the issue :slight_smile: