Poor metadata or a bug that needs fixing?

Wanted to listen to an album by the Pines… so opened their page, only to find the album wasn’t there. Looked up The Pines’ discography on allmusic and it’s there, and I also know I have the album. So I search for the album and there it is, assigned to a namesake band.

Roon has not only incorrectly assigned the album to a namesake, but it’s also attributed it to both bands.

As the problem does not appear to be with Roon’s metadata provider it would point to a bug. Please could some effort be put into investigating and resolving this (beyond just correcting this album).

It looks like an Equivalence issue; Roon uses multiple metadata sources and sometimes this leads to duplicate entries.

In other words a bug…

It’s not a feature, I’d say. :sunglasses:

If data gets automatically compared and matched, situations may come up where the data points are not (evaluated) good enough to determine identity; also thanks to detected issues, the algorithm(s) used can get adjusted. IMHO, what one calls such occurrences ain’t important - reporting it is what counts: because (hopefully) this contributes to improving the Roon metadata set for all Roon users. :slight_smile:

Agreed, if it’s addressed it’d benefit everyone, but I’ve seen this sort of thing raised in the past and what typically comes back is some workaround to “fix” the issue within a user’s library rather than address the root cause. I appreciate it’s a complex problem, but it should not be that difficult to do some internal logic checking to identify instances such as this, flag those albums as needing “maintenance” and let a user make the correct selections within Roon to clear the uncertainties. Just as Roon has a listing of “corrupt” files so too it could have a listing of “albums needing user input”.

Equivalence issues are usually dealt with by the Roonlabs team.

Metadata issues in general aren’t something Roon deals with locally so don’t expect much in this regard. The philosophy is, I believe, to provide the best possible (*) metadata from “the cloud” by combining multiple sources using automated processing.

(*) What that means may (greatly) differ depending on who you ask … :wink:

The irony here is the albums in question all have musicbrainz album, track and albumartist id’s embedded in file metadata and Roon still gets it wrong.

A musicbrainz ID doesn’t help much to match a value against rovi. Sometimes, muscibrainz has links to allmusic which could probably help to match to rovi, but The Pines at musicbrainz don’t.

I’ve seen Roon use and store Musicbrainz id’s when it can’t find an album in its primary metadata source. It should be marrying the two in its cloud.

@dylan an update would be appreciated please - this isn’t something I can fix (as far as I know).

If you want, you could merge the artists. Or just wait until this is done in the Roon metadata cloud which may take some time.

They’re different artists, merging them wouldn’t be the right course of action, the album needs to be reassigned to the correct artist and disassociated with the namesake.

Missed this. Then ofcourse merging wouldn’t be a clever choice. :upside_down_face:

3 days, no answer from support. Other posts here answered within the hour today. At this rate I must definitely won’t be renewing. Catch me once, shame on you… catch me twice shame on me.

@support, is there a reason this remains unanswered?

Hi @Emile_Lemmer,

Could you please upload the affected album to Dropbox / Google Drive and sent it as a private message to me or @support?