Popping sound when song changes only with Bluesound

I have a QNAP media server, a Roon Nucleus, sonos connects in each room, and in the main system room I also have a Bluesound node. The Sonos and Blue-sound go through a Transparent Premium 75ohm digital Link coax to a Luxman DA-06 DAC. With the Sonos everything is fine. With the Bluesound I get a popping noise from my Paradigm Prestige 95Fs when a new track is accessed from the QNAP. It is more prevalent when on shuffle than when just playing a whole album at a time. Occasionally it does it streaming from Tidal, but that may be when Roon radio is jumping between Tidal and QNAP. Any thoughts why it’s happening? I’ve checked the Tranparent connections time and time again and they are tight.

Have you tried playing with resync delay in audio settings for the device . It can sometimes helps with issues like this.

Perhaps you can try to use DSP to up/down sample everything to a single bitrate that works with you connection and see if that helps too

Thanks, I will try it out tomorrow and let you know.

OK, guess it’s time to dive in and learn about DSP. I have been waiting for the reason…

Wizardofoz, My Bluesound Node 2i says it is "uncertified in the Audio Settings. And when I look at the Partner Devices Matrix list, it says the Node 2 “³ Device is limited to MQA Renderer mode via RAAT.”. https://kb.roonlabs.com/Partner_Devices_Matrix So even though the Luxman supports the DSP, I guess my Bluesound Node 2i does not. Am I understanding it correctly?

I’ve set the resync delay for the Bluesound on almost every setting up to 10,000 and still getting the popping. Am I missing something?

Have you tried using The Bluesounds own app to access music on the Nas to see if you get the same issue? This will rule out of it’s Roon or the Node 2i thats the issue.

Excellent idea, I’ll give it a try @CrystalGipsy, thanks.

For what it’s worth, I had a similar popping sound happen on my Orchard Audio ApplePi (Raspberry Pi HAT DAC). Setting Sample Rate Conversion to MAX PCM RATE sorted this out beautifully.

In my case, the sample rate switching was the cause. Not the source.

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Thanks Frans, did you do that setting in the Audio settings for the access point or someplace else? I have it set to the max in the Bluesound node settings.