Popping through pi

To sum it up the issue is when I play a track after turning on interface it produces a loud pop on all the outputs. It happens with any track I try.

I’m using an RME ADI-2 DAC. When I turn on the device and it’s connected through USB to my pi, it displays 768 [KHz] sample rate (I guess it’s the max limit, not sure how to change this but I do want to).

Using jriver and Roon both directly to the dac and through the 2nd dac connected to pc there’s no popping.
It only occurs when using my pi with rooopie.
Also tried using other software and had no problem, it’s only rooopie. There is a quiet pop when the rme changes format sometimes but that’s it.

The Pi in question is the 3B+ model although I plan on getting a tablet to run Roon at some point. It’s hooked up to my network via ethernet. Just wondering if there’s a solution, the buffers in Roon don’t seem to do anything.

With the 3B+, you can’t really use Ethernet and USB at the same time. Switch it to WiFi (just unplug the Ethernet cable) and see if that works (it did for me). If not, get a Pi 4 instead.

Alright after some confusion, I moved the pi closer to the wifi point, it seems to pop the moment the feed drops. It still pops but it’s not so bad. I recall having problems with the pi when using wifi in the past, so maybe it’s just the pi

768k for a Pi is stretching it.

I would suggest to take this down a little bit.

100%, I have no desire for dsd or uber sampling. Unfortunately it seems it’s ropieee in combination with the RME. I installed dietpi and altering the Roon device settings fixed the problem for me.