Popular Tracks - Play button vs Artist play button

What is the difference (if any) between:

  • on an Artist, hit Play Now
  • go to Popular Songs, hit More, hit Play Now

Are these the same things?

I would like a Play button next to the More button if they are different, so you don’t have to navigate to More in order to play Popular.

The Play Button is crap in my opinion.

Play Now on the Artist should either Play All of that Artist in order, by album, release date or as a shuffle of that Artist.

And by that Artist I mean that the Artist you are playing now is the Artist of the songs… not a song that the Artist appears in the credits.

I want to say add another setting, but the only setting for Artist Play Now is well… just that one… Play Now. There should be options to play…

  • Artist
  • Artist + Credited

Could also add: Play by…

  • Album Release Date (Ascending/Desending)
  • Shuffle
  • Picks
  • Most Played (Ascending/Desending)
  • Favorites

Will it happen… doubt it. It makes too much sense…