Porcupine Tree Closure / Continuation mixed format from HD Tracks

First world problem I know, but after listening to the new PT album this morning I purchased it from HD Tracks (as 24/96) and on import the first two tracks are 24/44, the rest are 24/96 as expected. HD Tracks marks the first two as 24/96 as well.
Anyone else noticed this or bought it elsewhere and seen the same thing?

EDIT : HD Tracks have confirmed that the first two tracks are 24/44 and that it is meant to be that way

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Hi Michael,
I bought this album from Qobuz in Germany and all tracks are 24/96. Streaming this album is also completely in 24/96.
This seems to be a national restriction (again).

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Thanks Florib that is what I was expecting to hear.
It’s strange that there are different versions on different platforms, but the quality is great anyway