Port 80 conflict [Solved, Not Roon]


Loving roon on my mac mini but unfortunately I now need to do some web development on the same box that will require me to use port 80. Is there a way to run Roon Core on a different port? This is really important to me, and kind of time sensitive for a project I am working on.

Thanks to anyone who can chime in to help!

What system is your core running on? Roon Server does not bind to port 80 (I use Roon Server and Nginx on the same system); only ROCK uses this port, and that cannot be used to host a web server.

Thanks so much for the quick reply. It helped me rule out Roon quickly and I since tracked down the issue with silly Apache running on Ventura for some reason.

Thanks Martin!!


It not Apache being silly it macOS, everything for some reason or another seems to be an issue with recent Ventura updates.