Portable NUC running ROCK and Using USB Tethered iPhone Cellular Data

I guess the title says it all. Has anyone tried to use their NUC with a tethered iPhone instead of your at home router? I’m talking about connecting the iPhone to the NUC by USB to use the iPhone hotspot data for Roon. Of course, you need lots of hotspot data, which I have.

I was just thinking about this for at the mother-in-law’s house with no internet connection. Right now, I use Audirvana on my laptop and my iPhone hotspot, but this would be a way to use Roon. I would plug my Dragonfly into the NUC. Of course, might not be worth the expense of a NUC.

I can do this with my laptop that has the Roon core software on it, but maybe I’m looking for an excuse to build a NUC.

Yes I have run a portable Roon netoek using my phone as the hotspot

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