Possibility for ROCK to partition a larger M.2 drive to a Roon drive + other share

@danny Danny will there ever be a possibility to have ROCK partition a larger than needed M.2 to a Roon drive at say the 64GB mark and the remainder for use as an open share or music? With so many having to up into the 128/256GB M.2 drives with no gain other than availability of the drive to purchase it might be nice to be able to at least use this space for some often used albums to be stored…or even extra backups of the database too :stuck_out_tongue:

It is not all bad with a 128/256GB M.2 that is only going to be filled <15-30% you will not have to worry about memory cell endurance :slight_smile:

Not sure I’d trust a back up of the database to the same storage device as the original.

The entire point of backup is to have it on a different physical media, preferably in more than one.

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If you read my post its was for an extra backup location…one backup for such a system is in my mind also threading on thin ice… a local back for corruption and and off system backup for media failure

We will eventually have to address this, because 1TB+ SSDs will eventually become the smallest you can buy, but for now, it’s not planned.

There is complexity to added to ROCK to allow for this, and we’d like to avoid that.