Possibility of running Roon Core on Atari VCS?

This Console is based on AMD A10-9700E Processor and Ubuntu Linux and completely fanless and low TDP design, so is it possible to run as Core for medium size library under 50K tracks?


Man, that would give me another reason to think about buying one.

Not bad for a USD199 as long as it run games as well as Netflix like a set top box

I just pre ordered the console over Indiegogo and hoping it will be delivered by June… :slight_smile: maybe someone can kindly answer initial question?

Delayed but excited!

The Atari VCS will now be powered by a 14nm AMD processor featuring high-performance Radeon Vega graphics architecture and two “Zen” CPU cores. This new processor replaces the model from the “Bristol Ridge” family that had been in the plan since originally selected for the Atari VCS back in 2017. AMD’s all-new Ryzen embedded chip will be faster, cooler, and more efficient, allowing the VCS to benefit from a simpler and more effective power architecture and thermal solution. The new processor includes built-in Ethernet, Native 4K video with modern HDCP, and a secure frame buffer that fully-supports DRM video (Netflix, HBO, etc.).

This upgrade will translate to better overall performance in a cooler and quieter box — all with minimal impact to our manufacturing processes. While additional specifications about the new AMD processor will be announced closer to launch, be assured that the new AMD Ryzen processor is a much better fit for this project in multiple ways and will further enable the Atari VCS to deliver on its promise to be a unique and highly flexible platform for creators.


How about it Roon? Running a Linux fork on a Ryzen CPU at 3.5G boost should be good for Roon Server -

It’s open to install Windows or Chrome OS as well


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If you backed at Indiegogo, everyone (even the lowest tier USD199 machine) will getting top spec Atari VCS 800 with 8GB RAM machine which retail for USD389.99

Problem is, at that price, one is approaching i3 NUC territory. So why an Atari?

Few people still play Space Invaders. :laughing:

People getting for Gaming, and new game on new machine as well, plus you can install anything on its Linux OS, set-top box for Netflix and other streaming media, for USD 199 IGG price can’t complain !

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Looks like it is shipping now!

I received mine, the processing power is around 6th Gen i5 plus it still required a fan, so use as console and set top box now