Possibility to delete some played album or track from the recent activity screen

All is in the title.

If you want roon to look at a request then you need to explain why you would want it.

No problem
When I listen to suggested album provided by Qobuz, sometimes I only listen during few seconds, and if I don’t like it I would like to have the possibility to erase it from the history… But I can live without this functionality.

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You cannot delete a track from History, but you can defavorize.
At least, this should prevent that this track would be played automatically again.
Not exactly what you ask for but maybe a ‘workaround’ for now?

Hi @Claude_Troncy,

I can’t check this right now however, iirc … in the history section select the tracks you wish remove (right click or long press on a track to get started then select the others).

Once selected, click on edit (top right of screen) and select “remove play from your history”.

Bonsoir Carl, @Carl
I have already tried this before posting, but I cannot find “remove play from your history” item in the menu.

Do you not see a grey “Edit Icon” after you have selected the tracks?
What device are you controlling Roon from (PC/Mac/Table/phone)?

If you right click on a track a header will appear with an Edit button on the far right. Click that edit button and you will have a History Editor pop up which allows you to delete the track you had selected. See below:

Thanks Daniel, for the screen shot …

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Ok I see I made a mistake. I mixed history and recent activity. What I am trying to do is to delete a track or album from Played in Recent activity, not history


I see, you are right that is not possible … however, as recent history is transient I don’t personally see there is need for it to be editable.

But your request stands, and the Roon devs will see it.

PS For clarity I’ve corrected the title of this topic.

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