Possibility to restart the Roon Core / Server via Roon Remote

Ouch. Sounds like you discovered a bug on mobile devices? I’ll qualify what I wrote by saying my remote is full size desktop mac controlling my music server. No issues when clicking the Clear image cache button.

Clearing the image cache does as it says it is going to do. But it does also restart Roon core.

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For those using a headless Mac mini there are apps available for the iPad that allow you to control the Mac mini remotely. The one I’m using is Screens. So it would be possible to close/restart the Roon Core app that way. On Mac OS it’s possible to do the same thing using Screen share.

So basically the only way to restart a headless core that is not a nucleus is to hard reboot using the power button. Ridiculous!

Let’s be clear: if the computer/OS is fine; and only the Roon application needs restarting, there is no way to remotely do this.

Being that many of us run our cores without monitors/keyboard/mouse, the only resort is to press the power button on the device, potentially damaging the computer.

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I think you can SSH to your headless and restart core or headless using appropriate command ?

So many users have screwed this thread up. This is only about Win 10 and Mac os. If you’re gonna talk about rock or roon os, do us all a favor and keep your pieholes shut!
Reset roon button for remote please. How hard can this be to understand or implement?
A direct response from Roon staff would be much appreciated.

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:laughing: ; I feel your pain, but it won’t make any difference -

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Hi Gary, I have exactly the same problem from time to time and the only solution is to stop roon on the server and restart it. so yes it would be great if we could restart it from any remote…


Thanks… good find!

I didn’t see this in the thread above. Pardon if I missed it.

If I go to http://rock.local/ I get a web interface that lets me restart Roon. Couldn’t be simpler.

Hi @Bill_Wolf,

That Roon administrative web interface is only available on devices running Roon OS.
This feature suggestion is from those running the Roon Core on [headless] Windows or MacOS devices.

Need this man ! And I’m not talking about Roon Rock. But normal core (Roon Server) that is not a Roon Nucleus. Restart would make life simpler.

Yes please include this feature to restart roon server via remote.

My vote is yes.

You have to vote at the top of the thread. Your yes’ or +1 mean nothing.