Possibility to restart the Roon Core / Server via Roon Remote

Topics now merged and I adjusted the title of the original topic’s subject to reflect the requirement and hopefully attract more hits during searches.

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Well I for one would still love this funvtionality… roonserver is not a stable as they claim it to be, I have all sort of issues with my dad’s roonserver that I manage. It if forever crashing and he is often asking me to remote in and reboot it, as it runs on a headless machine which he can’t access

It seem Roon are more interested in ai recommendations than simply functionality fixes like this. Please reconsider this little request Roon team!

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Notwithstanding the feature request (which I support), a “forever crashing” Roon Server on a headless (Windows 10?) machine is not usual. Something else is likely afoot, and might be worth getting Support involved?

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OK maybe that’s a slight overstatement then, but it is not entirely stable. I have got support involved and have a workaround for now.

It’s overly complex and something like the ‘reboot core’ button would be a huge help.


Also please note that if one has a large roon library (like 500K+ tracks), it takes more than 15 mins for roon to come up (this does not include library scan time, which can be another 20~30 min). So such button is fine for smaller libraries but this issue needs to be address from a more ground-up fashion. BTW, my setup slows down significantly after 1~2 days of use. I switched to SSD, new machine, opened a roon support ticket. No sign of relief yet.

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That size library is so on the extremes of normal usage it’s going to tax any set up In would have thought. Are you using a custom built machine for that?

Nope. Just a plain old macmini late 2012 with a spinning hdd. 16GB of memory. Ran fine for the past 5 years. Recently switched to an SSD drive but still gets slowed down after a few days of use. I wonder why roon gets slow by hours/days of use. Is it because it is optimized for smaller libraries?

I have no idea how it’s architecture but the symptoms you are getting are associated with underpowered hardware.
There are a few threads on running such big libraries and the need for higher end hardware.

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+1 from me as every time I’ve had a hiccup, a quick restart has fixed it.

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I scheduled an automatic restart (with auto login configured) job to run every morning for my macmini. Not very elegant but it radically collect garbage and it comes with OSX free.

Hi @ged_hickman1,

Thank you very much for pointing the above thread to me. Mystery solved. Money saved (I think).

Yes, that will work, but this Feature Request is to be able to 'Remotely" restart the Core (not the Core machine) when there is a Roon problem.

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I know you can with ROCK, but that’s only because Roon has complete control over the operating environment. So I can agree this would be a nice-to-have on the regular Roon server as well, via the Remote. Which kind of brings about the question of access levels again, I guess, You don’t want just any random person running the remote app to have access to restart your Roon. Password verification, maybe?

I have exactly the same problems from time to time and I have to stop/restart Roon on my NAS. Reboot from remote would be great…

But you still have to reboot the whole machine instead of just the roon server

Sorry to have answered again to you Slim, this thread is just too embarassingly old and still not a word from the ones in charge :roll_eyes:

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Same problem.

When will you display a core restart button on Roon remote. Just asking for the same function you offer when Roon update is needed.


Please, allow us to restart roon from remote. You can not guarantee that core will run without issues.

Having roon stop playing a track is very uncomfortable. Having you not taking our claim into account is even worst. Years.


I just realised that this feature request originates from September 2015! Without ANY answer from the officials. Even some moderators would welcome this very easy to implement feature request!
Only the hardcore fanboys/whatchdogs (aka “Regulars”) chime in with their “friendly and helpful” “you can always leave-attitude” :roll_eyes:

Sitting out issues seems to be the preferred MO of roon :rage:

I’m a lifer from October 2015 and am too mostly a fanboy and brought at least 10 other lifers but lately I’m rather disappointed how issues are (not) handled.
I explicitely want to exclude the support team from my rant as they at least are trying to help and are always extremely friendly! Even when the issues are quite obviously bugs and often time NOT caused by the users themselves…


Happened upon this thread because I was looking for the exact same thing. I did find a bit of a workaround for any interested. However, I agree it seems like this issue is being ignored by the Roon team and would love it implemented properly into the remote.

The workaround is to go into Settings>Setup>Clear image cache. This process forces a Roon software restart.

My personal experience (on an iPad) advises against this workaround.
Most of album / artist pictures dissappeared on the remote. The only thing that solved it was ro remove the app, reinstall it, restart the core, and launch the app again.
I do not say this will happen always, but I for sure will never touch that button on an android/ios remote.