Possibility to restart the Roon Core / Server via Roon Remote

You see, no one was saying it couldn’t be done, only that as it stands now it can’t be done from the Remote if the Core is on a WIN10 or macOS machine. The capability to do this natively from the Roon Remote was what the OP was asking for, but that has been completely obfuscated.

For some reason, this whole thread got off track once it was misunderstood the it was about Nucleus.

Obviously, if one were using the additional software of a remote desktop, then one can do anything one wants.

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It can be done from the Roon UI. Every time when we update Roon to a new build it’s done. There is just no button to do it (let’s say from Settings|About) at the users wish. To have such a button is all this feature request is about.


Thank you for that clarity, at last.

Of course it can be done. It can be done from any place where there has been code written so that a user, not the Roon update team, can do it when it’s needed. And so, the Feature Request.


Sorry about all this @Christoph. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not exactly on point, but NUCS’ bios can be adjusted to automatically reboot after a power outage. Saved me a few steps.

Can be done remotely in SonicTransporter. You can reboot device or restart software.

You can use ms remote user system if using Pro. Once set up you can control the pc from an ipad etc. Works welk

Why should your post be any different than most of the other irrelevant (or in one notable case, utterly confused) posts in this thread? :slightly_smiling_face:

At least, you read enough of the post to realize what the OP (and others, myself included) were wanting.


You’re right that represents my wish as well, as I’m running ROON on a Mac with Mac OS X 10.15.4 and there’s no chance to reboot ROON without rebooting the Mac from remote

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Either one would be fine for me with a slight preference for B

What folks seem to be asking here is appliance like control of devices not set up to run as appliances. I can see a case for restarting your server or core software but not the entire machine. In fact would that level of control (were it possible) fall foul of malware and anti virus software?

Restarting Roon Server (the software), as it’s been done when updating Roon to a newer version, is all this is about.
Rebooting the machine Roon Server runs on is not asked for (as of my understanding) and will hopefully never being implemented as part of Roon’s UI for obvious reasons.


You are as usual right. It looks that way the way Mike presented his examples but the OP is clear, he doesn’t want to restart the whole box, just the Roon software. Apologies Mike.

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There’s a lot of confusion in this thread, mostly due to some previous back and forth.
No one suggested that there should be a way to restart the whole machine, just the Roon software.

Also, @mikeb only has a ROCK machine to show as an example of what he is proposing.
Obviously, that function can already be performed for ROCK by logging onto the GUI.

Mucho thanks to @mikeb for the survey. Nicely done.


Can someone please explain to me what the request is really for? And why we should need an extra option like @mikeb proposes, if we have the following, like below.

To remotely restart Roon on MacOS, you can use the following commands. First, you’ll need to allow remote access in System Preferences.

ssh martin@
osascript -e 'tell application "Roon" to quit'
osascript -e 'tell application "Roon" to activate'

Thank you @mikeb for the explanation.
Just curious, but how often do you have to restart the core? Till now, I only had to do it when there was an update.

Have a nice day

It’s backfired because people only read one or two posts and then offer their opinions.

For such a simple and, I thought, clear request this has generated so much confusion.

As it goes, I’m pretty sure this won’t stop here. :smirk:

As to why one would need such an option, I can only speak for myself. My Core machine (a WIN10 PC) runs headless, down in the cellar. If there is a problem, the only way to restart Roon is to power off/on the machine. Something one probably shouldn’t do. Lately, I and many other people have found it necessary to restart Roon Core on too many occasions, as evidenced by the necessity to create this thread -

And before someone chimes in and opines that this request option will only work if Roon is not totally locked up - That’s true, but Roon is seldom completely frozen.

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It’s not as if this hasn’t been asked for a number of times before:

@support, maybe these three threads could be merged give a better true count of those interested?

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@Astr0b0y - thanks for that input. Asked at other times and at other times ignored. Doesn’t bode well.

Fair enough. I do doubt it would make much difference anyway, as you’ve said.

Not only that, but the second post of this thread actually is just a reposting of the two feature requests I posted plus another one I didn’t see.

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