Reboot Core Button


The advice given to reboot the core can be found in almost all support threads, regardless of the symptoms being discussed. It would seem that this does indeed fix many of the issues people are having.

It would be handy to have a button in settings (probably along side the Disconnect button in General) that reboots the core on systems that support this or at the very least quits and relaunches the Roon server instance running on the core.

(Mike) #2

Top right corner of the web interface, and you don’t even need to get out of your chair. Ideally, you’d never need to use it, but its true a reboot does seem to fix a lot of issues.


That’s for the Nucleus (and ROCK?) users only. Indeed the possibility to restart Roon Core processes remotely from a Control would be nice and it can be done - the automatic restart of Core processes after updates is the proof.

(Chris ) #4

On my QNAP NAS I go to the QNAP app/Stop Roon… Start Roon. No need to get out of my chair.

(Dan Brown) #5

I would like this feature please.

I run Roon on a headless Mac Mini and it’s a pain having to use remote login just to re-boot the core.


Yes, this is a good idea.

Until it comes to pass, those that have a tablet can use JumpDesktop and stay in their chair.

(Mike) #7

We should really be requesting that Roon Core should never need rebooting, rather than requesting a button to make it easier.

(Rodney J. Sorensen) #8

My Roon has been dragging its tail for several weeks now. I just restarted it and it does seem to help.

(Dan Brown) #9

To be fair, I rarely have to reboot Roon, but I have the Harmony extension and Logitech Harmony, the latter of which is a bit flaky. So… rebooting the core can help when Logitech bombs out!