How often do you reboot your Roon core?

I find I have to reboot every 2 days or so. Roon otherwise will take 30 seconds between tracks and seems to pause a lot with Tidal and Qobuz tracks. Reboot fixes it for 24-48 hours then it’s needed again. Anyone else have this type of issue?

Also takes 2-3 minutes for Roon to reload.

Never for Roon, but occasionally for WIN10 updates.

That ignores the fact when I have to reboot because Roon has completely stopped working.
In that case, my answer is (lately) every few days.


I reboot my windows core probably once every 2 or 3 months, if that. But, not because of Roon or Windows. I have other software running on it as well.

I do start/stop the Server as needed, but, that is due to RoonServer not releasing the ASIO driver for other software to use; not due to any hangup using Roon.

My Roon server (Pinkfaun, based on Audiolinux): never.
Roon Control on ipad, a couple of times a week

I restart my core on the Qnap if my RAM gets saturated, I need more RAM really 4GB is not enough but it’s no big deal. I’ll get some when this virus is over.

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Maybe once a month. Roon ROCK on NUC.
Boot up time is well less than a minute.


Reboot: Depends on OS (updates)
Restart: Usually done trough Roon updates

So reboots are usually more frequent (± monthly) than restarts.

Disclaimer: I’m a non-streamer. My Roon DB is able to fit into the machines RAM and still leaving enough space for the rest of the system to breath. The big streaming catalogs might impact others in this regard (big Roon DB and searches that return 10+k albums/100+ k tracks for example)?.

I use a Nucleus.


When it had kernel updates. Maybe once every two month.

Beside that, never.

I’m running Roon with Ubuntu 19.10 on a headless Intel NUC [NUC7PJYH].

I only reboot for Ubuntu updates that require a restart… so every 3 to 6 months. I’m currently at 65 days uptime [since we had a full house, multiple hour, power loss].

Restarting Roon itself: only for updates.

I usually turn my music server (Roon Core) off when I go to bed, but about once a week I leave it on overnight and Roon does a backup.

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My Nucleus is always on, 24/7. I’ve had my Nucleus for around a year.
In the last year, I think I’ve had to reboot three or four times?


Using ROCK on an Intel NUC, I reboot it twice a month, mainly when I select some new albums directly from Qobuz app and I want Roon to immediately sync.

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I restart my MacBook Air only when there are issues with Roon or the Mac needs an update.

I turn on the computer on Windows 10 with a roon server only when I listen to music. When I finish using it, I turn it off.

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I run the core on Ubuntu 18.4 and keep it running 24/7. Roon had a hiccup two days ago and I simply restarted the Roon service.

@James_I what are you using for your core machine - full specs please - this is not normal. I have run roon on many platforms and seldom reboot. These days I run Rock on NUC or other MOCK setup and only ever reboot for moving things or if I have a power trip.

I have had to re-boot my NUC twice, but about every ten days, I have to power off the Aries Auralic G2 (hard boot). Roon does not see it at those times unless I do so.

Only when I have issues which has been very little until recently with the current Tidal crap its about one a week.

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I’ve had my Nucleus about two years and never had to reboot outside of normal Roon updates.