Possible bug on playback

Since two builds ago, my Yggy and Roon and TIDAL are like the Three Musketeers: in a word, tight.

But, I got frisky to skip through tracks yesterday (to make my way through a multi-track work), and when Roon arrived at the next work, a 24/192, it and Yggy fell out of love: multiple stutters needing a full stop to let the stuttering subside. Restart was fine.

My point: I shouldn’t be as fast on the skip track button, but Roon and/or my path equipment shouldn’t have started prematurely either.

I am reluctant to change any DSP settings since it otherwise works well, but will do so if you’d think it will help. Otherwise, this is just an FYI, only a small pimple on the cheeks of harmony and peace.


In DAC settings in Roon, I’ve found a resync delay of 100ms resolved all of my issues like you described. I believe it defaults to 0 ms.

Thanks Larry. I had played with the delay a while back, but I think there may have been multiple issues in play. Its probably time to revisit this. Thx.