Possible Bug or is this by design? - Removing Credits from an Album versus from Tracks

I noticed that Mozart was appearing as a production credit in my library. It turned out to be a single album in the collection:

I first went to edit the credits of the album, and removed Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart from being a production credit. That seemed to have no effect - Mozart still had a production credit in Roon.

Then I selected all the tracks in the album, went to the track editor and removed Mozart from here.

Then saved that:

That has worked - Mozart no longer has a production credit in my library.

So, removing a credit at album level seems independent of the credits that exist at track level. My question is, is this a bug, or by design?

in the while… :popcorn:


It’s inconvenient from a credit-editing perspective, but I would expect that adding a single production credit at the track or album level would result in the individual gaining Performer status.

In other words, adding a credit works for both levels, removing a credit does not. This probably needs to be spelled out in the User Guide. It seems to me that these sort of quirks just add weight to the call for a review of the UI design and experience.

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@Geoff_Coupe. So you are saying that removing the credit at the album level should automatically remove it from all tracks in the album?

On the assumption that what shows up at the Album level is the aggregate of the metadata of all the tracks, then yes.

Clearly, from your response, that’s not the way Roon works.