Possible to add Swedish National radios FLAC stream?

Today i was in contact with a representative for Sveriges Radio concerning their lack of a FLAC stream for the national classical music station.
The nice lady responded with an URL within two hours!!!
It is an OGG-mapped FLAC stream, and i don’t know if it’s geofenced.


If possible, give it the same logo as the default SR P2 station:


Stations are already in Roon it looks like.
I searched for “Sveriges Radio” and got a lot of them but P1 through P4 are there.

I added the flac stream.

Edit: The streams seem out of sync for some reason?? Pretty sure they are playing the same thing, though. The FLAC seems delayed versus the AAC 320.


@BrianW I checked the raw stream has no EOS (good).

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I see you added the redirect URL, (edge2.sr.se) where the recommendation from SR was to use the https:/live1.sr.se/p2-flac

Was this a deliberate choice?

And, i can identify some delays on the streams here in Sweden also.
Maybe up to 10-15 seconds for some of the lower rez ones…

Peter, can you tell why it seems not possible to add this station to my Esoteric Sound Stream client? I don’t seem to have any TuneIn either…
Due to the fact that i dont have an Esoteric/Lumïn device on my network?

I imagine so. Roon won’t accept that URL for some reason, while it does accept the redirected one and @bearFNF used that. I’ve seen this issue before and I’ll inform the Devs again.

In the meantime, it so happens that Roon, in its wisdom, will accept the http version of the stream, so I’ve used that instead.

In general, the curators do try and use such redirection streams as the load sharing URLs sometimes change.


Lumin / Esoteric native FLAC radio feature is built into their firmware, not the app.

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Yes, it would not take the URL as you posted it. So I used what worked for me.

@BrianW I will try what you did the next time (use the http: vs the https: version) :wink:


@bearFNF @BrianW There is something strange happening here with the P2 station FLAC stream. When I use this stream (Roon says FLAC 48000kHZ 16bit http://live1.sr.se/p2-flac) then in the signalpath I get an AAC 48kHz stream. Is this normal behaviour? FLAC is something else as AAC, or not?

Because that link no longer works.
Also the redirected link (edge2.sr.se) doesn’t work either.

@Mikael_Ollars - you had a conversation with the station before - could you ask them if this is temporary or not?

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I’m on it, doesn’t work for me either.
Edit: It’s a temporary outage, they are looking into it!

While i’m on it, and when possible, i’d like to have the stream for SR P4 Plus in 320Kbps AAC added:


Same distribution point as the FLAC though, so it’s also temporarily unavailable, but for later!


The stream in the OP is dead, not playable in Lumin native FLAC radio (although it worked 24 hours ago) and VLC.

I added the P4 stream, it comes up as 512Kbps not 320??

Edit: Not sure why but it’s not playing the correct stream. I am going to back out of this one and let someone that knows what is supposed to on these streams step in.

I’ve added it as 320. The icecast data says 512 but that disagrees with ffmpeg and Roon signal path, and I think here that 320 is right.

There is something like a 1 minute timing difference between the new stream (which also carries metadata) and the original streams.

Yes, my contact at the national swedish radio spoke of time-differences of up to 90 seconds between streams.

And was informed that the error with the FLAC-station is resolved as of about an hour ago!

Your Lumïn added FLAC-station should work again @wklie
Apologies for the interruptions!

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Thanks! The FLAC stream is indeed working again.

Yes, thanks.

In addition to P2 and P4, do they offer other channels in 320kbps AAC?

Hmm, yes, but that is a “childrens channel” with (i assume) mostly speech, but some music also.
If someone is interested in Swedish Childrens Radio, its title is:
Sveriges Radio Radioapans Knattekanal


And these three (along with the P2 FLAC station) are on SR’s upcoming platform, which also will enable streams utilizing Opus codec in the near future. Not quite yet though!

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I’ve added Radioapans Knattekanal.

Which Roon can’t deal with at the moment.

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