Possible to have tracks save their playback position?

I’ve been recording “Coast To Coast AM” radio shows nightly, and then listening to them with Roon in the morning. Basically, timeshifting. These shows are many hours long and I’m not always in the mood to listen all the way through. Is there a setting in Roon where I can tell it that I’d like to keep track of where I am in this multi-hour file so that I can resume listening later? I used to do this in iTunes and it was nice for things like radio shows or audiobooks.


This would be super nice for podcast, language instruction tracks, audiobooks, etc.

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I asked about this too, a year or so back, as I have many radio shows on my server and sometimes it’s nice to be able to drop back in at the point I stopped listening at previously, but I was told it’s not currently possible, unfortunately.


Yes, I like this feature for the same reasons. Actually I’d go a bit further and have Roon recognise podcast media and metadata, as distinct from music audio files.