Possible to sort classical composer by "active time" (date of birth or death)

Hello there, just starting on roon, looks like what I was looking for for the time being !

Especially like the “by composer view” for classical music, but is there a way to sort them by “active period” ?
(date of birth or death would do I guess)

Note : would also make sense for artists in fact, but could be more complicated for the “recent” periods.

But would really like to have it for “classical” composer !

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Hello @yves_trlt and welcome.

No and I can’t think of a workaround.
You can restrict the view by using focus to select a specific period which may help.

As there doesn’t seem to be a way of achieving what you want at present, I’ve moved your post to #roon:feature-requests which Roon monitors. Other users may well chime in to support it.