Possible to sort classical composer by "active time" (date of birth or death)

Hello there, just starting on roon, looks like what I was looking for for the time being !

Especially like the “by composer view” for classical music, but is there a way to sort them by “active period” ?
(date of birth or death would do I guess)

Note : would also make sense for artists in fact, but could be more complicated for the “recent” periods.

But would really like to have it for “classical” composer !

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Hello @yves_trlt and welcome.

No and I can’t think of a workaround.
You can restrict the view by using focus to select a specific period which may help.

As there doesn’t seem to be a way of achieving what you want at present, I’ve moved your post to #roon:feature-requests which Roon monitors. Other users may well chime in to support it.

This simple sorting option would go a long way in addressing the lack of accurate categorization of classical composers. I was about to post about it myself. I’m glad it’s already been discussed. Thank you!

It would also be great (but not as important) to arrange artists and composers based on geographic location of where they produced their works, but I’m not sure how easy that would be.

I take it you realize you can sort by number of “Compositions in My Library”, this quickly gets you your Top 20 Composers

Yes that’s a useful feature, but does not address finding them by type of compositions (e.g., medieval, baroque, contemporary). The album and composer metadata is unfortunately not very accurate to do this based on genere or other tags. Composer’s date of birth would be an easy, rough workaround.