Possible to use Pi's on-board 3.5mm audio jack instead of USB or HAT on RoPieee?

Regardless of the sound quality, can I simply use Pi’s internal DAC and 3.5mm audio jack for sound output? I understand the sound quality is compromised, but all I want to know is if it is possible.

I know it is a newbie question, but I have searched the forum and different videos on YouTube, but the answer is contradicting, so please bear with me.

It might be ok on some Pi OS’s but not ropieee

I would say it’s possible on most OS’s, but perhaps not all. I have tried it under DietPi with success. (On a Asus Tinkerboatd it actually sounds pretty good!)

I wanted to do that with Ropiee, to use an old Logitech iPod dock as a player in the garage /workshop.

As Ropiee requires at least a USB DAC, I used one of these. For only 14 quid, it worked like a dream.

Thank you very much, I just want a definite answer and ended my research about this topic.

I discovered and learned about RPi and Ropieee when I watch John Darko’s YouTube channel. While it is informative, during in one of his video, after he installed and get the Ropieee up and running, he plugged in the 3.5mm to RCA cable and state it is now a “Roon endpoint”, then he mentioned the internal DAC isn’t good blah blah blah, so I thought at least I can do the same despite the Pi’s on board 3.5 jack could be horrible.

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Yes, I totally understand. I have a Chord mojo and it connects with the RPi4(RoPieeeXL) via USB and it works like a charm, but I just wish that I can use the RPi4+RoPieeeXL in its simplest form like an Chromecast Audio without any USB dongles.

You are quite right, and I apologise for going off the point. Having started from the same place, I just wanted to share how cheaply the Ropiee requirement for at least a USB DAC could be fulfilled, if you preferred that distro.

Good luck with your search for the purer solution!

I checked the link you shared, and it seems like it is the smallest(cheapest) USB DAC in the world, thank you for the sharing.