Possible Webroot anti-virus compatibility issue

I run Roon build 667 on Windows 10. For a period of a couple of months I was suffering daily GUI crashes, occasional BSoDs while Roon was running and numerous database corruptions requiring resorting to backups (some apparently successful some not… more on that separately, I’m not a fan of Roon’s backup capabilities).

I’ve been a Roon user for a couple of years and switched to Webroot about twelve months ago. This was followed by a period where I didn’t use Roon at all as I was out of the country. I started using Roon again on my return about two and a half months ago and immediately started hitting problems. About a week ago Webroot had a problem when I restarted my PC. This time I disable it and installed the free AVG version and started running that instead. Subsequently I experienced 2 or 3 days of smooth Roon running but still had a nagging doubt about the integrity of the database. Over the course of the last couple of months I have come to believe that Roon is well able to press on with a corrupt database, back it up and restore it and run with it for a while but eventually the problem will assert itself on startup and then you are quite likely to be screwed as you have no idea which of your apparently successful backups are actually ‘clean’. You can tell that support knows this too as you can find a number of threads where they advise users to pick a backup that’s a couple of weeks old… hardly scientific. Since I had this nagging doubt about the state of my database I decided to rebuild my catalogue from scratch rather than continue with the installation which had been based on a database restore after the last Roon ‘Houston, we have a database problem’ startup message. I am now a week into the rebuild and am incident free after loading and editing around 170,000 tracks. About 120,000 to go but these include the ones that I suspect tax Roon the most as they include the classical ones which provoke the most disagreement between the way I see the tagging world and the way Roon does. My other, unfounded, theory about Roon - the first being that its backup and restore functions are flakey - is that the more you can live with how it chooses to catalogue things the more likely you are to have a happy life. Conversely the more you edit the primary artists, album artist, multi-disc sets etc. - the more you increase the likelihood of database issues. And it’s in my classical collection with it’s numerous large box sets that I find that I can’t live with Roon’s belief that it knows best. From previous loads it took me days to find where it had hidden the various parts of this or that 170 cd Brilliant or Teldec or Philips Bach or Mozart collection.

Anyway, to get to the point. I realise my experience is not conclusive and my current bout of smooth running could be because I’ve started from scratch, but I think there is a compatibility issue between Roon and Webroot and would be interested to know how many users who have unexplained GUI crash, database corruption issues in a Windows environment are also Webroot users.

Hi @Michael_Mill,

I have a 64 bit Roon Core running on Windows 10 PC and also run Webroot … I’ve had zero issues with reliability.

I think it worth pointing out that the Roon application itself can not trigger a Blue Screen of Death … as it does not have the access level require to do so … it’s much more likely to be down to a graphics driver (or failing hardware).

I would recommend visiting the GPU manufacture’s website (not Windows) and download the latest version.