Post a song with a COLOR in the title!

In this thread we will accept any song with a color in the title :rainbow: with the only exception being “Blues” which is totally cheating.

So, “Redbone” and “Greensleeves” good to go, but regrettably we cannot accept “Subterranean Homesick Blues” :yum:

Ok, let’s share some good music!

I’ll start with an obvious one:

For anyone unsure about how to share tracks:

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Hehe I like this thread.

I went with the live album version. I was able to start playing it in one click too ! oh yehhh

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Green seems to be winning.

Just too new to Roon I suspect, but how do you get these nice clean screenshots?

See what I did there? :smiley:


Somebody helped me with this when I first joined Roon so I owe it to the universe to help.

If you click the 3 dots next to the song/album and then “Share”, go through the options of what you’d like to share and then save an image to your local drive.

Then come to the thread and upload the image.

Hope this helps!

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I just wish the shared image actually linked to something useful like the track/album in Tidal for example.

I’ll shut up now.


LMFAO there’s levels to that one. Kudos.

Beatles : Yellow Submarine


Edit: My mistake — should be Jim Keltner on drums.

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Don’t need to save to hard drive. Click ‘Get Shareable Link’ button then when that returns click ‘Copy link’. In your forum post, paste the link you just copied.

Oh I never even noticed it tied in with Imgur! Cool!