Post-Nucleus energy?

Question: Will the Nucleus allow Roon to revisit 3rd party support of services like Pandora?

How would Nucleus, which is just first party Roon server hardware, make any difference in Pandora’s lack of interest in Roon integration?


Pandora is not open to 3rd party integrations beyond what they have already.

The thing we really need to do is improve our radio feature so pull in from TIDAL. I’m pretty sure we can do better than Pandora.

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Ahh, I was under the impression that Roon could not secure a deal with Pandora because it is a Software only solution. Other young hardware companies like Fusion Entertainment have been able to secure Pandora integration very recently. Nucleus seemed like a way for Roon to be able to strike deals with companies like Pandora who have previously denied the Roon access to APIs.

Thank you for clarifying Danny.

well, if you use one of the Pandora enabled chips out there, you get Pandora support. You are limited to the ins and outs of that chip, and obviously that won’t work for us, due to the lame integration it would provide (no knowledge of your library, play history, favorites, etc…). Plus, as you noted, Roon being software. It is our understanding (from Pandora) that they are not giving out new API keys right now.