Post your favourite album Art


Ok, so another fun thread starter (and I’m quite surprised it doesn’t appear to have been done before now)… I LOVE to have my album art “just so” in highest resolution possible, it’s all part of the enjoyment for me, and seeing all the album covers brings back so many memories. The iconic imagery is just burned into our pyches.

It’s also a big SP for the whole Roon “Experience”… so let’s post some of our fave album art, no restrictions, or posting limits, and anecdotes welcome. Here’s one or two to start with:

The great Joe Walsh, in never better form with a whacky yet well choreographed cover to boot. Brilliant.

And something contemporary now… i love this cover from Patricia Kopatchinskaja’s madly brilliant album from 2015. It really captures the spirit of the work…


When I was a kid, my best friend’s Dad (a record shop owner) had a big framed promo poster of this on the wall in his living room. Loved it then, love it now. :slight_smile:


Brilliant, Joel

Haha, well it was either the JW album or Breakfast in America for me :slight_smile:

(Chris ) #4

That was ahead of its time…

(Calen) #5


Something about this cover had me looking at it for a long time. Not sure what it was that caught my eye.

Cool thread topic

(Chris ) #6

We had this back in the day on vinyl

(Kevin Kropp) #7

Not the greatest album art but one of my favorites due to the story behind the picture which was told on one of his live albums.


Another favorite:


(Dylan Caudill) #8

From this year, I really enjoy the album art for Ghost’s Prequelle:

I’ve also always loved Green Day’s Dookie cover art:

(Chris ) #10

I always love the Album art from The Drive By Truckers


Great album Chris. The track Let There Be Rock cuts me up every time. Nostalgia’s a bitch!


Here’s a couple more…

the timeless Bitches Brew and the artwork on the Ozric Tentacles albums was always great, trippy stuff…

(Mark Edwards) #13

Rush - Grace Under Pressure, I very nearly had a friend paint this on my bedroom wall.

(Mark Edwards) #14

Fields Of The Nephilim - Sumerland 12" Vinyl, I had this painted on the back of my leather jacket, it looks stunning.


Haha, Fields of the Nephilim. That’s a blast from the past. Hailed from my hometown of sunny Stevenage. I remember them.

(Mark Edwards) #16

All hail sunny Stevenage. The birthplace of legends, flour and dry ice.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #17

(Mr Fix It ) #18

The Back Album by Prince :smile:


Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division



(Geoff Coupe) #21