Potential solution for stable Windows roon core

I think I have found a solution for filling up the RAM on your Windows-based roon server.

What we need:

All we need to do is to add roon and Wise Memory Optimizer to Restart on crash app that will monitor them for us and restart if needed. There’s an option to tick ‘run on Windows startup’ available.

Wise Memory Optimizer should be set to auto maintain the RAM every… let’s say 25 minutes or set up your own threshold if needed. Autostart with system option is also available.

Now we have the self-maintaining server for roon core.

Let me know what you think and how it works for you guys.

//EDIT [19/09/2022]

I have replaced the standard roon app with ** headless roon server**.
Will see how it goes.

As a temporary work around to an issue this might be worthwhile. But surely the answer is to fix the issue causing RAM to be used up?

Indeed, but even if the problem is fixed at some point, some extra measures won’t hurt.

It can still be seen, so I’ll answer. If Roon only worked on Mac and in Linux they wouldn’t be here now. Windows working is absolutely fundamental to the success of this and practically any other software to make it widely successful. It is therefore essential that Roon investigate this type of fault. We all have our preferences but like it or not, Windows is the universal plug and play option everyone can access regardless of budget or IT skills.


roon crashed today.
Out of RAM (6GB).
Changed the settings of Wise Memory Optimizer to run the cleanup once available RAM falls below 1.5GB.

Will keep you informed.

Certainly, not happening on all Windows systems. I haven’t played anything to my Windows based RoonServer (on 24/7) for the last 48 hours and it is idling at 768 MB in use.

But, I’m running RoonServer (the non gui server that runs in the background), and then, I run Roon separately (as a client only) on the same machine if/when I want to control the server on that machine.

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Just noticed the difference.
Replaced full app version with Server edition (headless, same as yours)

Not going to install remote on the same machine. Will access it using other devices.

Will keep you informed.

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So I lost my patience with Windows.
Deleted it and installed Linux. (Mint 21 Xfce).
Removed everything that I don’t need and installed roon server only.
Adjusted the power management to prevent sleep and…

oh gosh. This OS is rock solid.
Roon server works GREAT. No need to restart - works great with ARC and all my devices. Responds quickly.

So I do recommend installing roon server on Linux if you want a super reliable service.

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