Power button to shutdown and start RoPieee?

Using RoPieee for a year now in a couple of setups. Thank you for the nice work, Harry!

In one setup I would like to be able to shutdown and restart the Pi with a physical button. I found a way to enable this in Raspbian (by usings 2 GPIO-pins and scripts), but is it also possible in RoPieee?
I hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance.


It’s not really necessary, as RoPieee is configured to run from RAM to prevent artificially burning through the endurance of microSD cards (of which most have very poor endurance because they are designed to be cheap first and foremost). So there is nothing to be lost or corrupted if the power is disconnected without first doing a shutdown.

Thank you for thinking with me, but I want to shutdown the Pi without disconnecting the adapter. So that is why I want to use a power button.

I am using this, for all my Ropiee endpoints: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/onoff-shim
You need only 2 lines on config txt to make it works.

I am using one of these Canakit on-off switches with my Raspberry 4.

Thank you for your suggestions. I’m going to look at them.

@Joost_Hoogland @Andreas_Philipp1
Just curious: why do you want to shut it down?
(I have just ordered my first, a USBridge.)

I don’t. Just got the Canakit power supply with the on-off switch in a package on Amazon. My RP4 endpoint keeps running 24/7 and I unplug it during relatively frequent power outages and thunderstorms.

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Mostly I run Ropieee 24/7 too. But I have a portable usb-dac/dap connected to one and I don’t want it to be charged continuously.


Same here. I’m using a CanaKit inline power switch on the usb-c power input for this purpose.

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