Power Supply recommendations for IFI Zen Stream

Hi folks

Currently, my ifi Zen Stream is powered by the ifi iPower standard power supply. I was thinking about what a Linear power supply would do to the Zen Stream (e.g. the iPower Elite)

Did anyone try a Linear Power Supply with the Zen Stream?

Is it even worth it or is it overkill and an ipowerX is just fine?


There are a number of recommendations of LPSU in the Zen Stream thread. A number of users have said it improved the musical output.

Most of these LPSUs cost more than the stream.
Got to say I have been happy with the 15v that came with my early model.

Edit: just found the thread and realised I created it :grin:


I have no experience with this gear, but in general I can recommend Farad Super 3 Power supplies,
It might be overkill but deeply system dependent, maybe worth a try.


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Hey Michael, thank you!
I know the thread but with around 900 replies to mixed topics, it is kind of a longer read :slight_smile:

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I know, I forgot how long it was.
I can say that there are several recommendations for LPSUs including the Farad in the thread.

Anything from 9v to 15v seems to work fine with a lot of variation in finding from users on the threads who have tried the different power supplies and the results from them

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Hi Xtal,

The ZS’s voltage input range is from 9V to 15V which means it will re-regulate it internally. The result could be better, or worse (if you spend $$$$ on a power supply by cost-vs-effectiveness perspective). So I personally think just go with the power supply unit shipped with original package, or no more than iPower 2.

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Btw, i have never try the bundled power supply, so can’t comment on the comparison.

This has made my system sound significantly better - cleaner, more open and dynamic, and video is better to. Mine powers the Zen, a TiVo, my router and a Fire stick. I tried the Zen on the 12v tap but prefer the sound at 15v

If you have multiple DC powered devices, the HD Plex is worth a close look. Note that the fixed outputs can be customized for your needs. Mine has two 12v taps