Powerbank for Dac + Raspberry pi

Hi everyone

Following some esotheric crazy guys advices on other forums, I decided to try to power my RPI and my DAC with powerbanks instead of basic power supplies. Maybe I am crazy as well because I liked the sound it gave me. But that is not the question here.

My question is related to the fact that I would like to automate the recharge of the powerbank. For e.g. when I dont listen to my system or even while I am listening in order to make sure the system dont stop suddently.

For that I bought a connected plug that I am able to control with my smartphone and program in order to siwtch on or off the powerbank recharge. The issue is that each time the plug switches on or off, it shuts down the rpi and the dac to enter in “recharge mode”. Worst case is of course when I am listening to music and everythings shutsdown…

I tried different powerbanks. First model could only work in two modes “supply energy” or “recharge mode”. so even when it was suppose to recharge it did not while rpi and dac were connected. The other model was supposed to be “double charge” capable meaning able to charge itself at the same time as supplying power, but it did not work very well. I will not go in more boring details.

At the end of the day, I am just looking for a power bank that always ensure rpi and dac are ON and be able to switch between “recharge mode” and “non recharge mode”.
I dont know if my request is clear or not. Feel free to ask any question , comment or even better: ADVICE!
Thanks a lot :wink:
My Rpi and my Dac need 5v, my rpi is happy with 2 to 3A and my Dac only needs 1A.

What Powerbank are you using?

I wish Bakoon still made their BPS-02. Seems as there is a real niche to fill here.

Hi Bill

I use a Krecoo 20000mAh
click here for more details

and a Tecknet 20000mAh (the one supposed to be “double charge”)
click here for more details

There was a post on head-fi(related to Chord Mojo in a speaker system) to use a simple timer - no miracle solution but seem like a very practical one. Depending on your listening habits you’d need to find a power bank that lasts as long as your listening hours and on timer recharges at night.

If I was going for it, I’d put a timer for every other hour and see if I notice any change in SQ :wink:

thanks for your answer, would you mind precising what you mean by “timer”?

On my side, I have a connected switch on which a timer is running. This switch activates the electrical current to recharge the battery in a given period of time (adjusted to listenning habits). but this does not work fine, each time the switch is turned on :

  • either it turns DAC and RPI off simulatenously with out turning them on afterwhile
  • or it does not recharge the battery as far as devices are pulling on the battery…

Hi @Judelow

Any of the solutions you’ve discussed above, defeat the main advantage/s of using the powerbank. The main advantage/s you want are complete electrical de-coupling / disconnection from mains RF and mains ground / leakage current loops…

As long as your powerbank is connected to mains power while listening (whether it is charging or not), you are defeating these key advantages and may as well use the stock PSU that came with your DAC (which might actually perform better than with having a powerbank charger connected to the chain/loop…).

The advantages of using powerbanks having nothing to do with being ‘low noise’ at all. In fact, they may have noiser outputs than the stock SMPS’s that came with your gear. The advantages of using powerbanks come with physical disconnection from mains power and potential associated issues (mains RF and ground / leakage current loops).

My advice is actually use the stock PSU’s that came with your gear for general listening and when you want to do critical listening, run the DAC + RPi from the powerbanks, with their chargers physically unplugged from AC power. In this case, you will actually get the benefits of using the powerbanks.

Which DAC by the way?

Thanks for your answer,

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I thought I was decoupled from main. As explained, I use an intelligent switch (a timed interrupter). when interrupter is in OFF position, it means to be physically disconnected from the main. Am I right?
Of course I keep it in OFF position when I listen to music as far as I can (and ON when I am not listening in order to recharge the power bank).

I use a Chord Qutest DAC.

Not really. I think the point was that battery power, which if you look at it actually delivers a pretty uneven power delivery is only isolated when it isn’t plugged in. You are still potentially involved in ground loops etc.

but if interrupter is off, battery is not plugged in… no physical connection.

“The ground loop in a nutshell is what happens when two separate devices (A and B) are connected to ground separately”

Perfect. If I were you, I’d jump on Head-Fi forum and ask Rob Watts with all the details you shared above (about this interruptor especially) and you’ll have the best answer from the best source.

Can you share some info on this interruptor? The devil is in the details of that thing…

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Yes right, I could do that.
In fact my question was more if someone knows a battery that would not shutdown my equipment when recharge starts.

Understood - hopefully someone else can help with that when they come across this thread.

It’s just that as I was reading (since I also use powerbanks with DACs and streamers in some setups) I couldn’t help but comment that you may be defeating the entire advantage of using powerbanks, by keeping them permanently connected to a charger.

Hopefully you can get some more info, for clarification.

ok thanks,

would you mind telling me which battery you use?

Sure, I have a couple of these:


I just chose Mophie because they have a pretty good quality reputation (I think/hope). They have 2 year warranty also.

Note (as mentioned before) there’s nothing at all special about powerbanks, like low noise or whatever.

I only use these with one particular setup, for critical listening (de-coupling fully from mains power).

The rest of the time (most of the time), for normal listening, I just use stock power supplies.

I don’t just use these powerbanks only for music listening either. They’re handy for re-charging phones and tablets when on the go.

if any one is interested by same use case, I found one solution.
A zendure X6 battery can supply one or several RPI at the same time and it can be plugged or unplugged from the main with out any impact on the RPI ongoing process.

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