Powering Raspberry Pi 3 & Touchscreen

Thank you Sean,
If i understand correctly your question i’m using the standard way:
Ribbon cable + 2 GPIO thin cables (5V and ground) between screen and RPI. SDA and SDC wires not needed on RPI3.

Ifipower PSU is connected on touchscreen controller Microusb connector. i’m not using 5Vdc splitter.

Hi @volpone

One thing that I would ask, is have you got the red cable in the correct pin, in the attached photo? I have the red one position to the left, in the first pin.

Double check first - please don’t trust me as I’m not an expert.

It may not make a difference - maybe both pins are ok to use.

Attached are the instructions that came with my screen

This is for the 3B … others might differ slightly but the DC pins are the same

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Thank you Sean, i will try with 5V (red) on the first pin.

I’ve disassembled my screen from the PI yesterday because of the SQ issue.
I will double check but according to @wizardofoz diagram (thank’s to him too) pin 2 and pin 4 are equally 5V.

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I had a feeling both locations might be ok and from Wizards post, it looks to be the case.

Are you doing Roon up-sampling? If so, if you limit max PCM sample rate to 192kHZ in Roon, does it fix the issue?

Have you tried a separate power supply direct to the screen? the lightning bolt will probably disappear but does the sound get fixed at the same time?

Thank you Sean. I will try and let you know.
However, to be safe against SQ issues with touchscreen, my choice is a distinct PI, control only out of the audio path, to display web controller extension UI.

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That’s exactly what I’m doing too - using Ropieee as a remote/display only. It’s looking awesome with the latest update!

For remote/display i presume Ropiee would be OK in my setup as a Web Controller extension alternative. Even if i have to stick with Dietpi on the audio endpoint because i use RoonBridge and NAA (HQP networked player).

Oh by Web Controller you are referring to this right: Roon Extension: Roon Web Controller v1.1.1

I tried that with my Pi but failed. I wanted the browser to auto-boot and go straight to the Roon Web UI, immediately after powering on the Pi.

His web UI is GORGEOUS but I didn’t have the talent to get the scripts working :cry:

Ropieee is moving ahead so quickly though

I’m in the same situation but when chrome is manually launched on the web controller extension URL this is very stable. However i presume a community script to auto boot UI will be available soon. Not a big deal.

Agreed, only a matter of time.

I love this UI he has for it (I got it working on Google Chrome on my PC but not the Pi itself).

The background cover art is a cool touch.

Yes. And library management too !

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This is how Ropieee is now looking, with today’s update…

Cover art is now a nice big size, almost as big as possible for the 7" screen.

Quite a huge improvement in very little time and more improvements to come over time.

Excuse the long song title - that’s actually how it’s titled lol

This is not connected to my networked DAC at all - it’s only displaying the ‘now playing’ info of that networked DAC Roon endpoint

Why not apply scrolling on the long strings as in web controller UI (and squeezebox touch UI too).

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Agreed and already suggested yesterday:slight_smile: