Powernode (n330) making clicking nosies thru speakers when changing or starting tracks from Roon

I just received the new Bluesound Powernode (n330) and using Roon as my playback source. When I change tracks or start a new track, the Powernode clicks thru the speakers before playing the track. I’m running all the latest versions of Roon (1.8 Build 814) and Bluesound firmware 3.14.26. I’ve factory reset the Powernode and have all the default values for Roon and the PowerNode. I’ve also swapped cables and speakers which yields the same results.

Is this a known issue? Has anyone else experienced this issue?

Is it a click or actually rather a loud(ish) pop?

Hi, this is a known issue, I reported this to Bluesound support over a month ago. They were able to reproduce it. This issue will fixed in a new firmware release. No date given by Bluesound.

Cheers John

Its three or four faint clicks when changing tracks and occurs on the same or different resolution tracks.

@JTJ - Thanks for the response and conformation of it being an issue that sounds like it will be resolved with a firmware update. I submitted a case as well and if I hear back on a release date, I’ll report back.

Also, curious how has your long term experience (sound quality) been with the Powernode (N330)?

Hi, I don’t know, I own two N130 and they have the same firmware 13.4.26
The sound quality is ok, but my Matrix mini-pro3 sounds better. I bought the Bluesound because they support so many streaming services.