Pre box s2 digital

I have the digital s2!! I’ve been using this through USB connected to my computer through the USB. It has worked flawlessly the past year the all of a sudden I cant any computer to recognize the box when plugged in…It powers in just fine and you can here the amp cycle on.It just wont work now and I’m very frustrated and need some help to figure it out…Anyone out there who can help me???

Maybe the USB cable is defective. Have you tried other cables?

Maybe the S2 is defective. if its an external power supply maybe see you can get an alternate one or take it the shop you got it from.

Eventually try to reinstall driver (uninstall old and install new) - take latest one from producer site.

An external power supply is not needed if you are connecting it via a USB cable. It is recommended not to do so if you are connecting via USB. As mentioned above, I would try a different USB cable and also reinstall the USB drivers .