Pre-built Wireless Raspberry Pi endpoint?

Hi - I am wondering with the shortage whether there is such a thing as a ready-to-go WiFi Pi solution I can plug into my Schiit stack as a Roon endpoint for my headphone rig? I have read the guides and watched the videos - it’s just not in my wheelhouse to set this up on my own. Any advice on a standalone solution (doesn’t have to be Pi-based) would be much appreciated!

Here’s some options.


ifi, projekt, musical fidelity and others have some pretty much plug and play solutions

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Honestly, an RPi running RoPieee is a piece of cake to set up and it’s phenomenal value for money. If you don’t have the confidence to do that, send me the parts and I’ll build it for you and send it back!

I’d never touched an RPi before Roon. Now I have 3 of them, all with touchscreen displays, powered via PoE.

There’s no need to pay over the odds for an endpoint - it’s job is to take the network data stream and convert it to a digital output via USB, preferably, to feed a DAC.