Preamp gain vs headroom management

I have Oratorys eq preset for my Sennheiser HD660S. It has a negative preamp gain of -8,4
Do I also need to enable the headroom management or is it enough with the gain?

If you have the .wav filters downloaded and using them in Roons convolution you should be ok but enable headroom management set it to 0 and turn on clipping indicator to keep an eye on it , but if entering in PEQ manually you need to add the headroom. If you get clipping add a little until it stops.


I have manually entered it so I’ll just enable the headroom. Thanks a lot!

Set it to what they say the pregain they say and keep an eye on it as it could still clip.

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All the same, but just for completeness I’ll add another method of avoiding clipping:
In your PEQ graph, you’ve got a slider to the very right which you can pull down to effect the resulting curve to not reach into the positive gain realm.

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