Prefer my album names


Is there a way I can show my album tags for my whole collection instead of Roons ? Mainly interested in this for my HD music,for example to differentiate between a CD version and 24-96 version.

Had Roon for 2 weeks and I am hooked !!!


Try General and select Yes for Show album format on browser or Show album version on browser. This should give you what you are looking for.

Make sure you have Show Hidden Tracks and Album set to Yes too as otherwise Roon will just show the highest resolution version of an Album and hide any others.

Thanks, I already had those options selected however what about in this case. This is what I see :

But this is what I want to see :

I know how to select my metadata per album but I want mine to show for all albums.


In Album browser, select ALL

Select EDIT

GOTO metadata preference tab

Very first option…TITLE…select “Prefer File”

Press SAVE.

Done :slight_smile:

Legend !


You are welcome :wink:

Hi Christian,

Glad your sorted, you might also like to now that if you retagged the files:
FROM: The Cars - 1978 (CDD 24 karat Gold Disk ALAC)
TO: The Cars - 1978 [CDD 24 karat Gold Disk ALAC]

Then Roon will pick the text between the [ ] and use that as a version descriptor that is overlaid on the album artwork.

You could also remove “1978” if you wish to have a cleaner title or maybe move it inside the brackets.

The great thing is about Roon is that gives you some flexibility.

Yes but that is only overlaid on the Album artwork in the browser view and it seems that what Christian wanted was this information in the title on the individual album view or my suggestion would have been OK

On the individual view I think the information in [ ] gets displayed below the album artwork, is that correct? From the pictures above seems also like the information in ( ) also gets put there. Is that correct?

I’m like you I would not want it all this in the title (or in fact on the album artwork in the individual album view) as all this information (date and file type and resolution) is on the same page already, just not as quite as prominent, even without putting anything in [ ] in the tag.

Its great that Roon gives us these choices and that Christian found what he wanted.

There were quite a few iterations during early alpha to get that info right. That you get an auto-populate of version is quite excellent. Mature sometimes it isn’t right and needs tweaking. But, easy sight of file format, bit rate, sample rate, version etc is a massive leap forward from all other systems that could only rely on butchering file and folder names.

Team Roon did a great job on this area IMHO.