Preferred setting for PSAudio DS (Sr/Jr) & Roon

I am wondering about preferred settings for sound quality for the PS Audio DS in Roon, especially for:

  • MQA Capabilities
  • Enable MQA Core Decoder

What are the implications of choices made here? I am listen via updated Bridge II.

I was playing DSD64 over Roon to the bridge II and it indicated DOP on the DS display. Does that seem right?

yes, bridge2 can play DSD64 via DoP . It can’t go higher rate (like DSD128), nor it can play native DSD (only DoP).

RoonServer should detect bridge2 on the network and preconfigure this roon audio endpoint correctly (best sound quality) - as it is Roon certified.

In regards to MQA - bridge2 has full MQA capability.

I am not sure what “Enable MQA Core Decoder” means here - maybe that the 1st unfold would be done on the RoonServer and bridge2 would do the final unfold?

So, no native DSD playback in Bridge II. That is ironic considering how the DS Sr and Jr. work within the DSD framework.

Let me better frame my question on MQA:
In Roon, for PS Audio DS playback, what are the implications of making Roon a playback decoder, renderer, or both. Bridge II is working with MQA too, so not sure of the implications of these choices. Any suggestions, esp to maximize sound quality?

Enable MQA Core decoder is a toggle option in Roon - on/off. What is the implications of having it on or off?