Preset buttons on Bluesound Pulse Flex


I use at the moment Squeezebox, who are not Roon ready !
I’m thinking to replace by bluesound puls flex.
But I have a small question:

The PULSE FLEX has 5 programmable preset buttons, are those presets configurable across Roon ?
or we lose this fonctionnality with Roon, like it’s the case on Squeezebox Radio


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Hi David… well as far as I know these are BluOS buttons which are configured from within BluOS.

You don’t “lose” their functionality, you just have to program them there. I use them for “the best of what was left behind”, like playlist I’d made in BluOS or radio stations or other streaming services not named Tidal.

You may be able to make a playlist in Room-Tidal that would save itself across and then could be mapped to a button… not sure

@Adam_B Thanks for the answer…

I suppose too, but I prefer to be sure before to replace all my 5 SB radio by 5 bluesound flex !

Tested !

that’s work fine