Pretty hard to copy&paste what roon displays

got some albums from Russell Allen & Jørn Lande
Since I tagged them Jorn… (watch the differnt ‘o’ since easier to be reached from my keyboad I was happy to see that roon corrected that.
Unfortunately it didn’t on all their albums.

I then thought, no problem, there’s album … edit … edit album
But i was wrong. The problem I did run into was that I found not a single place inside roon which would have allowed me to simply select the termn ‘Jørn’ so that I could have pasted that into the section where it was spelled wrong.

All what worked was raising a browser using google, typing in Jorn Lande and then I was able to copy&paste it.

Any idea if there’s a place one could not only select a term/link which then leads to somewhere else but to select the textual content displayed?

If you need a foreign character not directly available via keyboard on windows you could use charmap (simply search for it with Windows + R) as a helper.

I agree wholeheartedly, Stefan, it’s virtually impossible to copy and paste.

Being able to do so would open up lots of ways to explore the rich metadata that was a primary selling point of Roon. Make a feature request, then make a concoction of turkey feet, frog innards, and cardamom, stir briskly, sip, and pray to the Gods of Music. Then wait. :slight_smile:

Note that due to metadata licensing agreements with R1/allmusic not all metadata can be made easily available for copy & paste.

You seem to talk from knowledge. Where can one view the licenses?

From “About Roon” you get a link (Terms and Conditions)

Stefan, not the answer you deserve, but Allmusic provides THE correct spellings of all things Roon including diacritical marks.

u_gee, that doesn’t say much about licenses between Tivo and Roon which prohibits Roon from making material non-copyable. There are generic restrictions about wholesale copying, and then there’s the Fair Use Doctrine.

If you find anything further from your research, let me know. I do not think making composer names, album names, artist names, dates, locations et. al. is restricted at all. More of a programming convenience methinks.

I looked it up today for another topic regarding tag export.

While I don’t know what is agreed upon between Roon and R1, I think it’s safe to assume when the end user is not allowed to use anything else than “Core Data” the software shall not easily expose “non-Core Data” to the end-user. Of course it could be just a design oversight to not allow copy and past but here we’d have a reason.

Thanks for this. I stand educated. So, no restriction on basic stuff (names, composers, etc) but valued added content (bios, credits, ratings) is restricted.

I agree with the writer about Roon not investing in this improvement. It won’t see the light of day. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the info.

and that is one reason why MusicBrainz is a better datasource than Amg because there are no restrictions on the data, and if there are any errors you can fix them in MusicBrainz itself.

Conceptually: yes, I fully agree. But it still lacks content wise and for a database largely depending on voluntary data provisioning and data maintenance that is a problem. Hopefully more and more people and organisations will find it useful to also add stuff at the metabrainz sites; and maybe the sites will make it easier to do so, too.

This isn’t something we’ve thought about a lot, but it’s not something we’re actively preventing – the fact that it’s hard is more of a side effect of Roon’s UI engine, which works more like a video game than most music apps.

Two workarounds I can think of:

  • Select Content > Export to Excel
  • Edit Content > Find Field > Click the Copy button > this will put it in the text field you can copy

Obviously these are a bit involved, since this isn’t something we’ve really considered or intended to support in a first-class way.

If you’d like something that’s less of a workaround, feel free to open a feature request so we can keep an keep an eye on demand.

Yep, and that’s more complicated to what I did. since according to your screenshot I could also simply paste the name using the differnt special chars int othe box where it currently says “(blank)”. Exporting it won’t help much since within the export the special char is still not there. What I was looking for was so sort of “foreign character selector”
Butr not a real issue … the big point with computers is the ability to simply use third party tools besides and copy&paste from one to another.

Anyway … issue solved … it’s not a problem I run into each day … it’s more once a month if ever, depending upon detection of split artists due to such name-issues.