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Even though I have gone in and edited all of my primary artist links, every so often new ones or ones that I have deleted reappear. Why is this? Example: Rules of Freedom by Nathan Davis. My primary artist link is Nathan Davis to be bundled in with the other Nathan Davis albums. However, Nathan Davis Quartet has just appeared. Why is this happening? How can I prevent it from happening?

Same here. I opened a thread asking - again - for implementing a „lock“ button to edited albums. I gave one example and the only thing that happened is a rename of the thread and an answer that roon will hab this issue (for that one problem) to their provider Tivo.

It really sucks, seeing already good edited albums with proper credits being messed up all the time. If I would be able to edit the biography for artists and the album review, I definitely would leave all albums to unidentified.

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Agreed! As I was going through my artists today (1700+), I noticed quite a few that had ‘primary artist’ changes that I never made. Some were typical. Charles Mingus to Charles Mingus Quintet. Others just ridiculous. Oliver Nelson to Oliver Nelson and Dolphy. Which is supposed to be Eric Dolphy because he plays on the album. As I was editing, I saw it happen in real time with a Paul McCartney album. It literally added at least 15 individuals that played on the album. It’s like someone hijacked my library and was making these changes…

This is very often the case when roon tells us „A new version of the database was installed…“. I always get scared when this happens.

Because of this unwanted stuff I added a tag (I labelled it „Done“) to each primary artist. This allows me quickly to see when junk like you saw or the beloved added Performer with the same name but as a different entity is being applied.

I might not grab them all, but a lot.

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Good Idea…

Here’s another fun one… Not that I am bored and don’t have anything else to do but to clean up the junk that came in with the last database update.

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Same thing happened to me on the same album. ‘Joker’ as an artist? Ridiculous…

Another 78 to go… Cleaned up about 100 of this batch… This is so time consuming…

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Which specific Joker artist do you and @Michael_Green get directed to if you click on the artist link? If I do a Roon search, there are quite a few to choose from. I’m curious to know what’s showing under Discography, Compositions, etc. for your linked “Joker”. Btw, I see nothing on Musicbrainz or AllMusic that might explain where this Joker artist came from as far as being a primary artist on The Joker.

Interestingly, if you only have a non-local version (Qobuz in my case) of this album in your library, then there is no “Joker” appearing as a primary artist.

Edit: I decided to download a CD version of the album, and add it to my library, to see if I could duplicate what you guys are seeing. I labeled my local file folder like so “Steve Miller Band - The Joker (1973) [CD] [1990 Remaster CDP 7 94445 2]” so I can display the detailed info about this version in Roon. Still no “Joker” showing as primary artist.

Btw, I have my Library>Import settings set to “Prefer Roon” on everything except for Artwork, where I want “Prefer best”.

While I’m a relatively new Roon user, I realized early on that I wanted to let Roon have the first shot at handling all my metadata. But if I saw errors or glitches that bothered me, then I would just fix those on a case by case basis. Fortunately, I’ve encountered very few situations where I felt I needed to edit the Roon metadata, which I did from within Roon rather than by using Yate or similar to modify embedded file tags.

I realize there are many, like you guys, who don’t like using that approach, and I totally get it. But after trying to help several people who have posted here in Metadata support, it seems to me that if you aren’t careful with your local file tagging/naming, you sometimes create problems for yourself that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Just my two cents.

Edit2: I should add that I don’t mean to imply there are any errors in the way you guys are tagging/naming your files locally. I just got on my soapbox for a second to make a general observation.

Something weird is definitely going on here with this “Joker” showing as a primary artist. It’s almost like someone did this intentionally to mess with users like you two who want Roon to totally stay out of your metadata. :wink: What a mess!!

Sorry, cannot say where that Joker led to as I already deleted that entry.


Same here…

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I’ve found the same after the last update. There are many names listed incorrectly as Primary Artist such as Mark Knopfler’s guitar tech or the band listed twice in the credits (spelling exactly the same). How does that happen? Seems like Roon’s QC should have figured this out before they released a new update.

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