Primary version choice between MQA and true resolution…

It is unclear whether the 16/44 tier will be true 16/44 or 16/44 MQA.

One thing is obvious: it is less than 16 bit since some bandwidth is required for MQA authentication. It has also been shown elsewhere that MQA authentication does not guarantee that the bits are the same (a file was decimated substantially and still showed the MQA light).

Whether it is 13 bit or 14 bit or whatever is irrelevant. It is less than 16 bit.

Not really - it’s clear that MQA is being streamed on the Australian TIDAL HiFi tier:

Agree with 16 bit MQA files being less than 16 bit. However, the MQA file decimation & the MQA light still shines observation applied to 24bit MQA files that had had their lower 8 bits truncated, so nothing to do with 16 bit MQA files. If a 16 bit MQA file is corrupted, it would fail MQA authentication since all of the bits are tied to the process (unlike the lower 8 bits of the 24 bit MQA files):

I have already logged off TIDAL on Roon. If in a few weeks I don’t miss it, TIDAL is going the way of the dodo…

For basically the same price, I get true hi-res on Qobuz with the addition of discounted hi-res purchases (I subscribe to Sublime+). Seriously, I have saved way more than the sub price just from my purchases (which I would have bought regardless).


Ok understood. But the fact of the matter is the MQA authentication relies on the MQA data added to the file rather than a true CRC-type check. So I can imagine it can me mocked up.

However, regardless of this argument, the fact that we don’t even get 16 bit just to get a meaningless “authentication” should dissuade people from believing in this technology.

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Similar to what I reported here , IMO ( but in a more general way) : Roon selects lossy files for playback when lossless are available - how to fix?

No, no one can do analysis, except MQA, since the process is 100% closed. This is the first I have heard of 13/44.1. I wonder where that came from?

I recently added Tidal because they have quite a few releases (classical, rock, world, etc) that Qobuz does not have. Qobuz does the same.

That said, I really wish there was a way to say: default to Qobuz high resolution over MQA.


I might be misunderstanding the issue, but under the Tidal settings you can specify the stream quality to ‘HiFi’. I made this selection the other day to avoid MQA streaming, and the UI is reporting that the streams are not MQA; I haven’t plugged in an MQA DAC to verify it’s “just” 16/44 (unlikely to do that).

I just did the same. So far, Qobuz is blowing Tidal out of the water, though to be fair my RME DAC does not do the final unfolding of MQA. But I no longer need to worry about that and so far haven’t missed Tidal at all. Another week to make sure everything exported over and Tidal is history.


Exactly my request as well. I too have both Tidal and Qobuz. I click on the Qobuz album and Roon assigns the Tidal version to be my library link.

I am very close to suspending my Tidal renewal until this is sorted out. It seems to me Roon is playing favorites with the two services.

Please fix.



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I wonder if Roon’s deal with Tidal includes a requirement for some built in favoritism. I.e Roon would be required to default to Tidal as primary version. It is definitely the case that Roon radio always goes Tidal.

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I don’t think that’s true. If there’s a TIDAL 16/44 vs a Qobuz 24/96 (and there are many of those), the primary defaults to Qobuz. However, if there’s an MQA version on TIDAL, in my limited experience the MQA tag seems to supersede everything else.

What is really pathetic is that TIDAL seems to have decided consumers are idiots and the label “MQA” is all they care about, even if it is 16/44 MQA. They might be right.

I second the request to have a priority setting between Tidal and Qobuz. No sense in playing favorites here.


If MQA is causing that much pain just use Qobuz and you don’t have to worry about it. I have both Tidal and Qobuz and I listen to MQA, Non MQA, and everything in between. I just pick the one that sounds best to me. There are way too many more important things to worry about than Tidal vs. Qobuz and MQA vs. Non MQA. One thing 2020 has taught us is life is too short so enjoy it while you can. Just grab your favorite drink, put on some music, and enjoy :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I have done exactly the same, and frankly have had no issues with MQA… Until they started introducing 16/44 MQA. That is an inferior product to true 16/44, both on paper and in my listening tests. The fact that the MQA version is favored as primary over the 16/44 version is the crux of this post.

To repeat: I was fine with MQA. Many of the “white glove” releases sound better than other versions. 16/44 MQA became the breaking point for me.

I logged off TIDAL in Roon 10 days ago and I am not missing it AT ALL. TIDAL should know better than this.

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I’m glad you found a solution to the 16/44 MQA issue that you were having.

You mean unsubscribing from TIDAL? That’s hardly an optimal solution.