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Thanks, I was taking a look at this when you posted. So, Darko got it wrong too?

Don’t want to hi-jack this thread, so bringing this back on topic … maybe there is a case for Roon to preserve playback quality by limiting playback to 44.1kHz/16bit streaming under certain conditions. However, I don’t subscribe to the idea based on format preference (even though I tend to prefer Redbook in many cases.)

I don’t know about Darko, just showing what 2L shows. Some of us have bandwidth caps to live within…another consideration even if MQA is only 10% larger. I’m the OP. I would simply like to have the choice.

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I read this:

Once transmitted, an MQA file’s data usage is roughly 1.6Mbps once FLAC compressed. That’s slightly higher than CD quality …

I think there is merit in what you suggest, but on the grounds of performance/ quality not in selecting a preferred file format.

Yep, that’s the idea. Just like when I use apps on my phone, Spofity and Tidal, I can set them to lower bandwidth/quality when on cellular vs. wifi and at will on either connection. That is what I’d like in Roon.

I often listen using Roon on cheap bluetooth headphones via my iPhone in the back yard garden. I don’t need even FLAC let alone better for this use. 320kbps would be more than sufficient and would preserve my data cap for other uses.

I only have 1TB/month which seems like a lot but isn’t with Netflix, security cameras, IoT devices, numerous phones and tablets, oh my. My ISP will allow higher data rates but all with the same data cap. One can pay $30/month for 50GB additional that doesn’t roll over, or $50/month additional for unlimited. This is on top of the base ~100Mbps down/~10Mbps up at $85/month. Overage is charged at $10 per 10GB over the cap.

I’m just asking for the flexibility to make the choice. I don’t do religious wars, nor do I care what others listen to or the format. I should update the original post to include my bandwidth wishes as I don’t believe i stated them…

Comparison is the thief of joy!


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I might not be following you, but Roon should be agnostic as to the “why” of the end user wanting to select a file format. If I want to privilege 128K mp3 over 16/44, or MQA, or real hi res, then Roon should give us that option in streaming just as it does today with our own local libraries.


And we can, sort of, using Focus but not as it applies to Radio.

Exactly. Not sort of either - Focus gives us very granular control over file format and many many other attributes. Just not with Radio or streaming. This is an oversight Roon should correct.

Yep, I misread your post, missed the bit about ‘just as it does with our local libraries’

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Did this bug get fixed in the latest update, or am I just getting lucky :grinning:

Is it possible to force Tidal playback to 16/44 only?

I want to let me DAC do all the work on don’t want to play MQA.

Hi @Brian_Hancock,
I’ve merged you post into this existing topic, it’s not too long and worth a read to get up to speed.

Welcome to the forum, @Brian_Hancock. If you’re not aware, you can disable MQA using the Enable MQA Core Decoder switch in Device Setup > Advanced Settings. Therefore, most MQA titles will play at either 44.1kHz or 48kHz. Bit depth will remain unchanged.

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This isn’t a solution to Brian’s request as he wants CD quality (16/44.1) only from Tidal.

He can have 16/44 in 99.9% of cases I would think. He can always buy CDs or subscribe to Qobuz if it is available for him.
Life isn’t always fair.

Thanks I’ll give that a try. Could of sworn it still loaded MQA when I checked the audio chain after toggling that, but I’ll test again

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Have not read all responses, but with this setting you will get no MQA from Tidal if you select HiFi instead of Master (they might still be MQA-encoded, but this info is stripped from the FLAC-stream).

Although there are a handful of MQA files foisted upon Qobuz does not imply that Qobuz supports MQA.

Fundamental misunderstanding of what Tidal serves-up in the Hi-Fi tier. The material is still MQA, only worse (yes, that is somehow possible). There are numerous other threads showing people’s experimentation e.g.Tidal “HiFi Plus” Introduced - #16 by Terry_Stone

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