Primary Version - Prefer FLAC over MQA option

He can have 16/44 in 99.9% of cases I would think. He can always buy CDs or subscribe to Qobuz if it is available for him.
Life isn’t always fair.

Thanks I’ll give that a try. Could of sworn it still loaded MQA when I checked the audio chain after toggling that, but I’ll test again

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Have not read all responses, but with this setting you will get no MQA from Tidal if you select HiFi instead of Master (they might still be MQA-encoded, but this info is stripped from the FLAC-stream).

Although there are a handful of MQA files foisted upon Qobuz does not imply that Qobuz supports MQA.

Fundamental misunderstanding of what Tidal serves-up in the Hi-Fi tier. The material is still MQA, only worse (yes, that is somehow possible). There are numerous other threads showing people’s experimentation e.g.Tidal “HiFi Plus” Introduced - #16 by Terry_Stone

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